30 Days Dry Challenge - How hard could it be?

Get ready to read below some facts about what alcohol is doing to your body that 99% of people have no idea about. 

For many of us alcohol provides that comfort we need! When things go wrong or life gets too hard — it is that instant feeling of relaxation as the tip of the glass touches our lips and makes all our pains and worries go away. We feel relaxed and more able to cope with ordinary, every day life.

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However, once that glass sinks into a bottle, and then maybe one or two more. When you find that you NEED that glass of wine or can of beer to finish off the day, or just relax with— then you have a problem. Some of you might even need alcohol to get through the day, in which case you have a real problem.

Especially, when you find you are reaching for the bottle not just everyday, but earlier and earlier every day. In other words, before you’ve even sat down for lunch — you’re cracking open a cool, frosty bottle of Chardonnay. That is if the purse permits you to do so, otherwise, you might settle for a six pack of becks. The deal is you’re drinking before 11am and that’s when the real problems start.

So, let’s take a moment to reconsider the problems that drive you back to drinking each time. Don’t forget that you are nothing when your body packs in. How are you meant to deal with the problems then? Without your health, your heart or your mind; you simply can’t do anything. That is where the dependence of alcohol will take you…

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It won’t solve problems, it will only make them. You won’t make friends, you will only lose them. And also your job, your self -esteem, your marriage, your kids, your health, yourself…


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In fact, one day if you keep opting to have that ‘last’ drink, you may just run the risk of losing everything. Maybe, your own life if you decide to take the car out to buy one ‘last’ drink. Then again, even worse would be if you came into a collision with an innocent by passer or another car — a family with kids in the back.

It is important to remember that when we have an addiction to a drug like alcohol. It effects not just our own lives but those of everyone else around us.

One thing I will say, though, as well. I know just how hard overcoming a drinking habit is. It’s not like any other drug because it is widely accessible, cheap and accepted by most people. In fact, it is one of the most popular forms of socialising and unwinding.

If we are to meet someone, say a friend or go on a date with someone for the first time. We usually hook up at a bar or restaurant. The alcohol allows us to unwind from a stressful day at work but also gives us that added confidence in social situations that might spark a bit of anxiety or fear. In all these cases, we are ticking the inevitable box that craves comfort in something — and that thing is alcohol.

However, when we turn to alcohol for comfort, we’re also signing ourselves an early death wish!

That is why making that eternal break from alcohol is absolutely necessary, as a way to gain back control. But also, to make your life and for the people around you a more carefree and healthy place to be. It could be that you’re not at the stage of drinking every day before midday. However, it could be that you are heading in that direction. Believe me it is inevitable, I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I have helped hundreds of thousands of people like yourself that haven’t quite had the will power to stop or limit their alcohol consumption on their own. Like all addictions the problem is not why to stop, but how to stop?

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And I have the answer for you! It’s time to make that clean break with The 30 DAY DRY CHALLENGE with Clear Minds Hypnotherapy. It’s time for you take that journey and find yourself again. Not only will you feel noticeably more healthy, but you will feel so much better in yourself and your mind.

You will start to see things so differently. All those worries that made you feel insecure, worthless and stressed. Those worries that drove you to drink every time. Well all those worries are going to disappear. In fact, you will start to wonder why you even worried at all. You will start to see that what actually made you worry was lying in that bottle of red wine, all sedated in its bitterly taste at the bottom.

Now are you ready to take that journey with me?…


We all have our different reasons for turning to something, if not anything that gives us comfort. We find that as life can sometimes get on top of us, or maybe we are just bored — we will seek out comfort to pass the time, but also to make us feel better.

As we grow up interacting with the world around us, we find that it can sometimes be stressful and confusing. There’s always some improvised circumstance waiting round the corner to spark some fear in us. In fact, each time we are faced with something or someone new and daunting, we become more and more uncertain. We may start to distrust anything that life throws at us, which ignites an uncertainty in our bones. Therefore, we find that as life seems to get harder and harder for us to cope we look for that comforting feeling, which warms our bones in that sly alcoholic beverage.

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In the last year, we have collectively seen and endured a global epidemic brought on by a deadly virus. As hundreds of thousands of people have passed on this exclusive strain of flu it has spread like wild fire around the world. Sadly, it has taken many, many lives. However, more so is the effect that lockdown has had on hundreds of millions of people.

The absolute fear that has been provoked by the media along with people losing jobs, family members and their homes. We had to stay locked up indoors, cooped up like animals in a cage with nothing to do but pass the time without losing our minds. This influenced a great deal of people to turn to alcohol as a comfort.

“I mean, what else is there left to do?…”

That was the quote said by so many. However, it has also left repercussions for so many of us, which means that we are still to this day, reaching out for a sneaky glass of wine or straight vodka to get us through the day.

On the other hand, it could be that for some of you — this taste for alcohol, which has left a deadly dependent trait started long before lockdown. Maybe, you have been fighting your habit with alcohol for years. In which case, the trauma brought on by the past year has only made your addiction to alcohol worse. This is where you find yourself in a devastating position for you and the people that care about you.

Day by day, the taste for alcohol only gets stronger as our taste for life gets more bitter. However, one thing that we don’t  actually realize is that what we are perceiving as a bitter and twisted world around us — is actually coming from within us.

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“Reality is created by the mind; we can change reality by changing our mind.”

                                                                                                                          — Plato

Therefore, if we want to see a change for the better, then we have to knock the effects of alcohol completely on the head. It’s time for The 30 Day Dry Challenge, where we can allow ourselves a chance to turn our reality around.

We need to see things differently and not blurred out by our last alcoholic drink.

It is the only way we will be able to see things more clearly and more positively, whilst allowing a chance for our body to heal. And, I’m afraid that means staying dry for at least 30 days.

However, please don’t worry! I will be here every step of the way to accompany you on this mighty challenge. I will heal your thoughts, which are at the moment, proving to be a little self-destructive and unhelpful. However, don’t feel guilty — this is not your fault! It’s all down to the science of our mind, which upon a biological ticking clock can unfold into mayhem because we don’t understand how it works.



The mind works in mysterious ways. However, it is also simply designed to work on a bundle of different chemicals and neurons that drive the mechanical engine, which controls our body.

It sends signals to the body that programs us to move our arm and legs, jaws while eating and our eyes for seeing. So then, our body will send signals back to say when it has received this information, but also when something goes wrong. Say we touch something hot, which burns us. Maybe, we see something that scares us or we hear something that we don’t like.

Each time, then we send a signal to our brain that releases the same hormones each time. They are our natural pain receptors, which signal to us when we are hurt. They release a chemical of hormones called endorphins, which is intended to numb the pain and sedate us with a feeling of ecstasy. It is our natural happy signal.

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What we have found is that every time we consume or take a drug, whether it is in a pill form, a Class A or B, alcohol or even sugar — we release these same happy signals (endorphins) at an explosive rate. Therefore, we feel completely sedated and without a care in the world. Even though what we might actually be experiencing is a tragedy in our lives. The trouble with many of these drugs, especially alcohol is that they have their counter effects. All drugs come under categories and these categories are self explanatory. Alcohol comes under the category of depressants. Therefore, when consumed, it might set off your endorphins making you feel better at first. However, the aftermath is never one to look forward to. Hands up — who hates waking up with a hangover?


Nobody looks forward to that inevitable feeling of nausea, tiredness and headaches the next day, which is inevitable when we drink too much. However, as our dependence to alcohol as a way of numbing the pain becomes more stronger. So, we find that the hangovers become a regular, every morning occurrence. We get a thought in our head — “Oh well, hair of the dog!” In order to feel better we top up our supplies of alcohol throughout the day. We feel ourselves getting worse and worse, day by day. This is only because alcohol is very bad for you if consumed in large quantities over a prolonged amount of time.

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Alcohol is one of the most dangerously, addictive drugs on the planet! It consumes hundreds of thousands of people daily under its devilish ties, which it wraps tightly around our mind. It begins to warp our mind with ideas that we need it to carry on a fighting battle with the world around us. However, this is only the alcohol speaking! If we were to break free from its controlling bind then we would see just how amazing life can be.

We would be able to cope better and fight the need to even think about something negative. Don’t forget alcohol is a depressant. Therefore, it will project more negative thoughts to our brain, but it will also destroy our physical body slowly, but surely!

Now, let’s look at ways that alcohol affects our body overtime:

  • High blood pressure
  • Increased chance of Diabetes - type 2
  • Heart failure / heart attacK
  • Stroke
  • Alzheimers Disease
  • Liver failure
  • Kidney Failure
  • Cancer of the mouth, throat, stomach, bowel, breast, oesophagus, liver, kidneys, prostate and brain.
  • Fertility Issues for men and women

So really taking a look at it that way then, nearly every terminal illness can be associated somehow with the prolonged consumption of alcohol. So, if you think you have a problem — then it might be necessary to make a drastic change to refrain from the inevitable happening. It lies in that horrifically, daunting list up there!


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Fortunately, alcohol reveals its nasty ways easily. It is not hard to see when our physical body is crying out for help when we are abusing it by drinking too much alcohol. Here are some of the tell-tale signs that show we are drinking way too much than we should be:

  • We get the shakes
  • We become more panicky and nervous over any little thing going wrong
  • We crave more alcohol more often
  • Red glow to the skin, especially in our cheeks and chest because our biggest collection of blood vessels lie here.
  • Abdominal pain
  • Feelings of morning sickness and nausea
  • Skin goes yellow over time - giving it a look of jaundice.

This last indication that alcohol is taking its effect negatively on our body is a sign of early liver failure. The liver is our biological engine that digests all food and drink, turning it into glucose (natural body sugar), which we then feed to our muscles and body to give it energy.

Alcohol is, in fact, a highly concentrated sugar. Let’s say, where most sugary products are concentrated with 20% glucose — Alcohol reaches a concentration of 80% glucose through the process of fermentation. So, when we are consuming alcohol, we are in fact, poisoning ourselves with dangerously high levels of sugar. It is one of the reasons that we become a little delirious when we are drunk.

We consume so much sugar in one glass that our body instantly dehydrates itself of water. So then, what our body does, is it feeds off the water in our brain. And when our brain is dehydrated, then we feel tipsy. When we drink even more, we reach a stage of inebriation as our body and mind lacks water and becomes consumed by the effects of the sugar.


Therefore, our liver is the first organ that tells us when we have to stop consuming alcohol and look towards healing our body. The only way to heal our body is to give up drinking alcohol and go dry for at least 30 days. That is why it is so important to give your body a break, it can be by doing your own personal plan or by using our 30 DAY DRY CHALLENGE!  It is time to give your body a break — it is time to heal it!


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Imagine yourself dry for just one month…

You could call it  “Dry July!” Let’s make that change now — and give alcohol a break for just 30 days. The reason why we are choosing to do it for 30 days is for a very good reason.

It is a fact that all addictions lie deep in our subconscious thoughts. We have in effect programmed ourselves to turn to alcohol every time something goes on. The more regular the pattern of drinking, the more imbedded it becomes in our subconscious. However, our subconscious thoughts are not always accessible because we are so overwhelmed with conscious thought communication.

Yet, at the same time it is still receiving information. This information stays trapped in our subconscious and makes up what we could call our beliefs. They rest in there through constant repetition, but also unfold in everything we do. When we drink regularly as a way of feeling comfort, we create a belief that alcohol is our comfort.

What we need to do then — is switch that belief for the better! Let’s start imprinting in your mind that alcohol is bad for you, for health and for everyone else around you. It provokes bad feeling and thoughts after a while, which turns your whole reality into something negative. Therefore, things keep going wrong for you. Alcohol does not numb the pain or make it go away — it only makes pain! When you adopt this thought process you can then take the personal choice to either give up alcohol or simply have full control over when you choose to consume it. 

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The 30 Day Dry Challenge designed by Clear Minds Hypnotherapy is a way to take back full control of your decisions. It is designed to re-program your mind to think differently. It programs your mind to see the truth in what alcohol is really doing to your body. It allows you a chance to heal your body and mind in ways that you didn’t think was possible.

  However, it also relies on the fact that neural adaptation within our subconscious mind takes 25 - 30 days of constant new and positive stimulus. Only then, does our conscious mind adapt to this new information (stimulus) as being normal.

A few decades ago NASA carried out a psychological experiment with a group of astronauts to prove the spatial disorientation they would experience in space.

However, their experiment failed because they discovered that the subconscious mind was more powerful. They asked the astronauts to wear special convex glasses that turned everything upside down (180º) — all day for 30 days. They found that on day twenty six, something incredible happened! It seemed to be that one of the astronauts, although he was still wearing the glasses, started to see things properly again. In other words, the right way round. Eventually, in the days that followed — each and everyone of the astronauts could see right again! Their minds had programmed over 25-30 days that they had to see things differently in order to make sense of things.


That is how hypnotherapy works at reprogramming your mind away from a reliance on alcohol. 



It is time to discover how Clear Minds self-help hypnotherapy audios work at overcoming any addiction or reliance you have to alcohol. We suggest you make a clean break from alcohol to see the full effects of what how it can change your life for the better. Our 30 Day Dry Challenge Pack is especially designed at taking back that full control, as well as seeing the beneficial effects that your body physically shows in so little time. You will see that the only thing that has been holding you back is alcohol.


The 30 Dry Day Challenge is a pack complete with multiple audio sessions of hypnotherapy and other tools and motivational messages which all work at adapting a new and positive stimulus, which ejects alcohol from your mixed-up thoughts. It sets everything in your mind back to a steady and more organised, but also positive state. This is so important to your everyday life and also success.

Remember that you want to be a success!

You want to see your family, friends, partner and kids happy!

You want to do well and be happy and healthy in the foreseeable future!

Now are you ready to take that journey with me?…


Are you ready to see the light, again?!

I can assure you that when these 30 days are up  you are not only going to feel better and full of self esteem, but things are also going to look up for you so much more. You will find that nothing will get you down and only positive things will come from it.

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I am Hugh, you’re dedicated hypnotherapist and I am here every step of the way for to make that positive change in eliminating your consumption of alcohol, which is taking over your life. I’m here to do it in just 30 days by offering you the chance to take our 30 Day Dry Challenge. Believe that you can do it!!


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