How 30 Days Dry Benefits Your Mental Health

  There’s a great number of reasons why it is worth not drinking alcohol for a whole 30 days. First of all, it will do wonders for your overall physical health.    Some of the benefits giving up alcohol for 30 days does for your body:  

1. Lowers blood pressure  

2. Cures the liver  

3. Better digestion  

4. Clearer Skin  

5.  More Energy  

6. Reduces the possibility of cancer amongst other illnesses  




These are just some of the physical benefits for eliminating alcohol and detoxing your system for 30 days. What it will do for your mind is something else.   You have to remember that your mind controls everything. Everything your mind tells your body to do, it will do. It controls your sudden movements, reflex reactions, emotions, habits and reason for doing, as well as saying. If your mind is unwell, then so are you.   

Alcohol reacts badly with your mind, especially over time. This is because alcohol is a depressant. Upon that first drop of alcohol, which might feel relaxing and secure. Over time, regular consumption turns to habit, which results in over-consumption that intoxicates the mind and makes you feel worse and worse, and worse. You notice yourself getting more down. You also feel less motivated, less able, more stressed and anxious too. So then, you drink more. It’s a vicious circle that can only be stopped if you put a stop to what is causing it in the first place.





  You may see it as an escape, but it’s deceiving because every time you take the easy way out and pour another alcoholic drink -  you are dosing yourself up with more reason for objection. It is important that you see this is not the way to be. Your mind has so much more to fulfill than filling up another dose for depression. Read more to see why 30 days dry from alcohol is the best cure for the pain you don’t seem to be able to overcome.  


Benefits For Your Mental Health   


The initial feeling of that dark grey cloud that seems to distort your thinking everyday and is the alcohol talking will eventually disappear. Maybe it's yesterday's hangover or today's fresh intoxication. Anyone who drinks nearly everyday will never have a clear mind. They will find it hard to cope with stress and emotions, as well as plan for the future. These are just some of the things that will improve if you stop drinking alcohol for 30 days. The mind will only clarify more with time too. It takes 1-2 weeks for the mind to completely clear of the cloudy, negative thoughts that alcohol poisons it with. 




Then, you will see that after 30 days your mind is 100% clean and doesn’t depend on it either. It is important to force this will upon yourself to quit drinking alcohol for this amount of time to benefit from these reasons too.    First of all, you can cure yourself from a tragic precursor to brain damage. It is a true fact that over-consumption of alcohol can lead to Alzheimer’s Disease. And no one wants to wake up in the morning forgetting where they are without an actual drink in their system. 

You’ll never imagine the relief you will feel when you properly detox your mind from alcohol. For those of you that are used to drinking every day, sometimes in large quantities there will be changes to your character that you might not even realize. I can assure you none of these changes are good. Alcohol might feel relaxing in the moment but it is not a relaxant. In fact, it can worsen our sleep patterns.

People who drink a lot find it difficult to fall into a deep sleep — with the correct amount of time in REM, which is what we need to ensure a healthy, rested sleep. Instead, you find yourself waking up a few times in the night, maybe to drink water because you’re dehydrated or to urinate even. Then again, you might find it hard to sleep because you’ve ingested too much sugar.    

Have you ever felt your heart running at 100 miles an hour, unable to sleep after consuming way too much alcohol?

 That is because alcohol is a fully concentrated form of sugar. So, you may find yourself falling asleep easily and quickly, but two hours later you’re wide awake and your sleep patterns are all over the place.When you stop drinking you will find that you sleep much better. Not only that, but when you sleep better then you are much more relaxed and your mood is much happier. You have allowed your mind sufficient REM rested time without any interruptions. This is necessary to see through a day of added improvisations and stressful stimulus. However, if you drink regularly you are sure to be unrested, therefore, more unable to cope. When you are tired then you will feel irritable and bad-tempered, as well as lacking in energy.   

Apart from a better temper, as well as a more focused perception of things you will feel full of energy. You will find yourself bursting with ideas and good energy alongside a will power that inspires you to fulfill anything that you want in life. Anything will seem possible and anything will be possible because your mind is not clouded by that distorted feeling drink brings on. Furthermore, you will not be controlled by the desire to drink in the first place, which also takes up unnecessary mind power.


When you give up drinking alcohol for 30 days, then you allow your body to detox itself. Where alcohol intensifies the amount of oxidants in your body, which initially relax you. It is also an inflammatory substance and can cause swelling in the brain. This swelling in the brain has been linked to the onset and symptoms of anxiety, as well as depression. This makes sense because alcohol is, of course, a depressant.

Therefore, giving up alcohol will stop you feeling depressed, but anxious as well. You will allow a chance for anti-oxidants provided to in foods like blueberries, almonds and broccoli to have the opposite effect. Antioxidants reduce swelling in your brain, they also reduce feelings of anxiety and make you feel better. They might not give an instant feeling of bliss like a glass of wine can. However, the long-term, beneficial effects they have for your mental and physical health are second to none. 

Everything about alcohol deceives you. You feel happy and relaxed, then angry and sad the next. Alcohol can inhibit mood swings that will mean that you lose your temper easily. You fluctuate between being happy one minute and sad the next. Nothing seems steady, especially your temperament. You will notice an immense character change giving up alcohol for 30 days that will leave you feeling more relaxed, less on edge and less irritable. You will interact with people better and feel more inclined to talk more sympathetically towards the people you love.


  People that drink will find that they lose their temper more, they will snap at people over the smallest things. This can be upsetting for loved ones. The smallest thing can set someone off on a tantrum when they are inebriated. For the person receiving that aggression, it may have just been an honest mistake. However, the reaction they receive is likely to stay with them for life. When you are someone living on the outside or the receiving end of someone who drinks too much, it can be very traumatic.    You are not only saving your own mental health, you're saving that of the people around you as well! This is an important fact to remember.   

Get Past The First Few Days   


Although, I am painting a very pretty picture of what life can be like without a drink.  I realize that it is easier said than done. When I say this I mean: to stop drinking. Anyone, who has a habit attached to drinking alcohol will know that giving up drinking alcohol for 3 days, let alone 30 — seems impossible!    It isn’t though, in fact, it is very possible. We provide you the chance to test out the opportunity to stay dry for 30 days without drinking a drop of alcohol to see just how beneficial it can be for your mental health. 

However, be warned that in the first week you may find it difficult. It will be very challenging for you to overcome the initial feelings of giving up alcohol. Yes, that is correct. Do not expect the feeling of relief and wellness to be instant. Everything good comes with a price. Effectively, if you have given your mind a chance to become dependent on alcohol then it will try and play tricks on you. First of all, you will crave it immensely.   

Remember I said that alcohol feeds feelings of stress and anxiety. Well, when you stop drinking that is when you feel them the most. The important thing is to not give into these feelings because alcohol will only give them more fuel for thought. You will have to tray and override them. That is where our hypnotherapy audios here at Clear Minds are the mental therapy you need to overcome these merciless thoughts you can get when you first stop drinking.

The first day or two might seem fine because you run off adrenaline. However, come day three you may find you are itching and more stressed than ever, crawling the ceilings with an uncontrollable feeling of tension. This is the mind calling out for alcohol. You must ignore these feelings because they are not real. In effect, they are evidence in showing just how controlling alcohol can be. So, fight them and prove to yourself that you are stronger than that bottle of beer or wine. You are in control, not a substance sitting in front of you.   



Find our 30 Day Dry Pack today to guide you through what could be the best decision you ever make. A better future waits around the corner! One where you will start to see clearer with the help of self-hypnotherapy. Follow this link to find out more.

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