Back to school is causing mental health issues and anxiety in children - Let’s fix it!

So we’re weeks away from the beginning of a new school term. For most children, this would be a norm. However, for most kids around the world this is not the case, especially after suffering such an unsteady year.

In many countries, including the UK, Australia, the U.S., Canada and South Africa we have all experienced the horror of lockdown.

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 In order to keep the world a better place we have had to confine ourselves and socially distance to refrain from deadly germs spreading out of control. This had its perks at the beginning, but the novelty soon wore out.

Especially, when weeks have gone past and we still find ourselves confined to our own four walls. We miss that golden bit of social interaction, a visit to the park or shops - other than the supermarket. 

Well, this is the same for our children. They also miss time spent with friends and a kick around in the park. I would imagine they even missed school too, learning and training their minds. In some cases they have even lost motivation for school work because it has been interrupted so much in the last 18 months.

Not all children find learning easy and having their learning disrupted may have catastrophic effects. Not only will they loss a rhythm to their learning methods. They might also forget things they have learnt. Especially, if your child is a minor or has been attending school for little time. All of these factors will stimulate anxiety in a child towards learning and going back to school.

This is unhealthy for a child to feel anxiety at such a young age but it is possible. In fact, I would imagine the numbers of children suffering from anxiety are going to be higher than ever. Especially at this crucial time going back to school.

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Why Would Your Child Suffer From Anxiety Going Back To School

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There are many reasons why your child might suffer from anxiety going back to school. First of all, it has been a very shaky year for them, just like it has been for you. Every few months most countries have had to force themselves into a state of lockdown to save the numbers of infected people rising. This alone creates a state of alarm and for children more so because everything is exaggerated so much more in their minds.

Then they have been forced to stay in doors where they have had no interaction with friends or other children. This can instate in their mind, as well as with adults, a state of agoraphobia due to overtime spent social distancing. It will inevitably spark feelings of anxiety when they come to go back outside and socialize again.

Finally, there is the interruption that last year’s events have caused to children’s school work and academic learning. From a young age kids are expected to follow a strict academic curriculum that will advance their mind and prepare them for a good career. As years go by, it seems that the academic expectancy for achievement goes up and gets more and more difficult. As the mind evolves and gets more intelligent, so does the difficulty in homework and studying becomes harder.

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What is dismissed from thought is that not all children of the same age follow the same level of understanding, or are interested in all the different subjects they’re made to study. Maybe, your son/daughter doesn’t like studying full stop. They might take more pleasure in makeup, sports, playing video games, IT & technology, making things, building fortresses, painting or even singing. The idea would be to take that thing they find pleasure in and let them flourish in that. However, for the first 10 years of their academic life or more, they must follow the same schooling as everyone else. The trouble is: what if they don’t follow it like everyone else?

It’s our nature that if we don’t enjoy or like something we will shy away from it. Therefore, if a child does not like learning or has grown to dislike learning because they find it hard to understand it.

Then, naturally they will become anxious at the thought of having to learn or go to school. The thought of keeping up with the rest of the class, when none of it makes sense. It’s not that they can’t understand, they don’t want to understand because they are not being encouraged in the right way. Instead, they get singled out when they make a mistake and humiliated in front of the rest of the class.

Do you think this is encouraging for a child to want to learn? I would say it is a perfect reason to not want to understand or even grow to hate the idea of learning. Their mind is naturally blocking out the information from the pressure they feel at needing to understand. However, not all of it is easy as I said before, the level of academia rises every year.

Do you remember half the things you learnt in Science class or Mathematics? Could you work out trigonometry or say the table of elements from top to bottom? Unless, you’ve needed it for your line of work, which most of us haven’t. In fact, I’m sure most of us wouldn’t have a clue now, yet kids are expected to know this as young as 10 years old?!

Really, there’s no doubt in the fact that it is easy to understand how a child can become anxious going back to school now, isn’t it?

However, it is not healthy for children to suffer anxiety at such a young age. Youth should be a time of enjoyment, innocence and not needing a care in the world. We want to protect them from the stress and turmoil of adult life for as long as possible. Which is why when we see that our kids are not their usual happy selves. Instead, they are showing signs of anxiety and it’s normal to worry about them. That’s why we have created with Clear Minds self-hypnotherapy audios a specialised session that is designed to eliminate anxiety in children. I talk calmly and clearly so they can understand the process of the hypnosis. Then, I allow their minds a chance to forget those awful worries they have about going back to school.

How Can You Know That Your Child Is Suffering From Anxiety?

You can’t always be aware when a child is suffering from anxiety. Some children are very good at hiding their thoughts and sentiments. It could be that you see they are acting differently and you are not sure why. All stages of childhood and also the pressures of being a parent can be very confusing for both parents and children. Then, when we experience a massive social change or epidemic, which raises a start of alarm like it has in the last year or more - even more uncertainty arises.

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However, this is an exterior influence and can often distract us. Therefore, we might be blind to the fact that our child is suffering from anxiety because we are experiencing our own feelings of nervousness, pain or stress. In another scenario, we might even have a slight inclination or thought our child is suffering from anxiety, but we are in denial because it is a thought too painful to endure.

Whatever happens, it is always important to take control and responsibility. It is heartbreaking to think our child is suffering even minor mental health issues like anxiety or depression, which should be saved for adulthood or not at all! However, it is possible and it does happen.

More and more, in our modern day and especially in the last year. It shows just how cataclysmic one small thing like a virus swapping the world and forcing us all indoors can do to our minds. How we may react to it mentally? It is a minor cause of PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) that has arisen out of a state of alarm that has been a shared experience by everyone. Therefore, you should not feel ashamed that your child is suffering from anxiety or that you have done anything wrong. Really you cannot help any of this from happening, as well as the pressure they are made to feel to be ‘at the top of the class.’


One thing you can do, is make the right decision when you think that your child could be suffering from anxiety.You need to act as soon as you have any inclination. They are anxious and it is rising out of control and affecting their lives. To suffer anxiety at such a young age towards anything: school work, bullying, disability or loss/grief can be very traumatic. It is important to bring them out of this state of anxiety and see the light. Being a child is about seeing the world as a happy place and having fun. We do not want to take away this golden bit of hope that is childhood. 

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Take a look at this list of ways you can see that your child might be suffering from anxiety, so you can take action:


  1. They become quiet and withdrawn in their thoughts sometimes finding it hard to concentrate
  2. Become obsessed by their routines and ritualistic behaviour - if a routine is disrupted they might get irritable
  3. Become angry and irritable, they might have an outburst or fit of anger at the smallest things
  4. Don’t eat or develop fussy eating habits
  5. Scared to go outside or talk to people
  6. In reverse, they might talk too much craving the attention wanting someone to answer them all the time
  7. Find it hard to sleep or suffer disrupted sleep where they wake in the night multiple times
  8. Use the toilet often, maybe not always wanting the toilet or they wet themselves
  9. Worry a lot and think negative thoughts
  10. Becomes over sensitive and fussy towards things. For example, clothes tags or seams.

Now, I’m not saying that if your child suffers from any of these symptoms you should start to worry too much. Children can be particular and they are just discovering their characters, as well as interacting with others. However, you should also be conscious that if you have seen a change in your child’s behaviour, then it is time to make that important decision to do something about it.

Their future is in your hands and if you want to make it the best for them, then do so by allowing them a chance to free their mind of the anxiety they may be feeling towards going back to school. Check out our hypnotherapy pack especially designed to help overcome and Eliminate Anxiety in Children. Follow this link to find out more.

I am Hugh, your dedicated hypnotherapist to making a better life and frame of mind for you and your family. I can help overcome all negative thoughts and leave you with a clear and free mind ready to take anything life is bound to throw at you.

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