Don't Let Them Fear Their Childhood, But Embrace It.

There are moments in life that test us, and it doesn't matter what age we are. We are always going to get the same feelings under stress. 

These feelings of nervousness can build up and influence the onset of anxiety. 

No matter how hard it is to believe, children are people too. And they are equally susceptible to suffering from ill mental health, uncertainty, or self-doubt. 

And it should not go ignored. Instead, it would help if you opened the door for them so that there is a way out from their distress. 

Firstly, there is realisation, and by bringing the truth to light, we can address it and find a solution. 

No matter how dark a space you or they can be in. There is light around the corner. However, you need to guide them to that light in the right way. 

Hypnotherapy is very good at addressing and eliminating any negative feelings, stress, anxiety or depression. Even their sleeping patterns can be altered in a way that brings them all the peace of mind to have a good and rested sleep. 

Time To Address Developmental Stress 

We sometimes forget just how much pressure our kids are under sometimes. We also forget that they are innocent and unfamiliar with feelings that may derive from stress. 

Anxiety in children is fast becoming a problem. One of the main issues is that it goes unseen and can develop into worse feelings, such as depression. 

They are unfamiliar and shy to these negative thoughts and emotions, so it's up to us to recognise them and come up with the right solution to switch them back around again. 

Otherwise, it could affect them in so many other ways. Their whole future rests on their perception of things at this critical age. But also how they learn from these experiences. And it's important they see things positively. 

They need to learn to push out dark, anxious thoughts and embrace moments with confidence and that young flair that could take them anywhere. 

So, if you see your child behaving out of character and you think they might be suffering from anxiety, look out for these tell-tale signs:

  • Quiet and untalkative behaviour
  • Distancing themselves, locking themselves in their room
  • A change to their eating habits (overeating or undereating)
  • Angry outbursts and irritability
  • Tense & fidgety
  • Always needing the toilet
  • Crying all the time
  • Finding it hard to concentrate
  • Hard to sleep
  • Difficulty socialising or making friends
  • Clingy to you
  • They complain of stomach aches and feeling unwell
  • Nervous habits (like nail-biting)
  • Avoiding situations 
  • Refusing to go to school
  • Restlessness 

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I could go on, but I will stop there as I think I have given you enough fuel for thought. So, they might not be able to tell you they are suffering from anxiety, but we can read the signs. And if they show multiple symptoms, then there is a high chance your child is suffering from anxiety. 

So then, we ask ourselves why?

How is it possible that our child can suffer from anxiety? If they are so young and innocent. 

The answer is yes; they can. And there are several reasons why too. 

Why Does My Child Suffer From Anxiety?

Anxiety in children can be brought about in many ways. There are hundreds of reasons that can bring the onset of anxiety. 

One of the main reasons is stress. Children can experience stress:

  • At school
  • During exam time
  • With peers
  • At home 
  • With siblings or family members
  • Parents even 

Say you're going through a rough relationship or you've recently separated from your partner and the father or mother of your child. 

This will naturally cause stress that can manifest in anxiety. They very likely may not tell you that your breakup has affected them so badly. However, a child that stands back and watches conflict that could destabilise family life is most likely going to suffer without knowing. 

Another example may be at school. Maybe, they are a little behind on their learning abilities. All children of the same age are under pressure to learn in the same way and at the same pace. 

However, no one person follows the same passion, learning pace or method of learning that suits them. It would be impossible to expect all children to know and learn the same. However, it would also be difficult to teach each child distinctly too. Then, in moments when school work is causing your child stress, so much so that they are becoming anxious and refuse to go to school or do their homework. 

It might be up to you to step forward and learn with them a little in the evening. Find out how and where they struggle in their school work and learning abilities. Then, implement the right tools.

One of the best tools for encouraging a more confident look on life and learning, socialising at school and dealing with stress at home - is hypnotherapy. 


How Can Hypnotherapy Help Promote A Healthier Younger Mind?

Hypnotherapy is an excellent way to release that inner fear and foresee a better future for your children. 

It is incredibly safe and easy to do. In fact, children find it much easier to follow the suggestive and imaginative language characteristic of hypnotherapy.

Then, you will notice that as they listen, they will immediately seem more relaxed. 

More often than not, they enter a state of hypnosis. This is imitated in a sleep-like trance. However, they will instead be completely aware of what I am saying to them. All background noise will be shut out, and so will those negative feelings of anxiety and stress. 

I will guide them into a state of deep relaxation with the help of verbal cues. Then, I will perform very relaxing and effective hypnosis that is adapted especially to their imagination and child psychology. 

With the help of multiple sessions, you will be able to address all different areas of anxiety they may be suffering from. Check out our new and all-inclusive Overcoming Anxiety In Children Essentials Pack. 

It will help tackle the following issues and behavioural disorders:

- Anxiety Eliminator

- Stress Reduction

- Anxiety Around Exam Times

- Healthier Eating 

- Become more interested in Learning

- & more! 

In more serious cases, where your child may be suffering from a mental health disorder, such as ADHD (Adverse Behaviour Hyperactive Syndrome) or autism - hypnotherapy is also an excellent de-stressing mechanism to help promote a more calm and relaxed frame of mind. 

We also have programs for this too. 

Here at Clear Minds, we are here to set free any opposing thoughts or feelings that could be holding your child back. It's time to break this resistance holding them back and give them the chance to build their future in the right way. Let them find their journey keeping on the bright side. 

I am Hugh, your family hypnotherapist. I will work hard to discover a way to make a brighter day for everyone to make a better future with. 

Click here to learn more about our 10 piece package we have built especially for the wellbeing of your child. 

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