10 Celebrities That Used Hypnotherapy

So many of us say that we would love to be a celebrity, that we would love to have everything we ever wanted at the touch of a button. With fame comes money and riches, anything our heart desires. Not only that but we would be loved and worshipped by everybody!

While this might be true on the surface, there is also a steep price to pay for being a celebrity. The stress of living in the limelight all the time can take a toll on one's emotional and mental health, which is why many celebrities turn to hypnotherapy to help them with their stress.

Hypnotherapy is also a good form of meditation and a way to focus and better yourself mentally for any task. It has also proven very helpful in focusing the mind of some of the best sports people, artists and actors. Hypnotherapy has been used for centuries as a way of clarifying our thought processes, allowing the genius in the mind to flourish.

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Albert Einstein's groundbreaking Theory of Relativity is thought to have been conceived of during a state of self-hypnosis, and Mozart composed some of his best music in an hypnotic, trance-like state.

Here are some of the celebrities who have used hypnotherapy to conquer their fears, mental health issues and problems:

1. Cristina Clemons 
Cristina Clemons is a U.S. athlete specialising in the 100m hurdle race. She has had a very successful athletic career winning titles in the Olympics, amongst other tournaments. She works permanently with her hypnotherapist, Wendy Merron. She swears by hypnotherapy to achieve better and faster results with tools taught to her by Wendy during hypnosis.

2. Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods also received hypnotherapy treatment from as young as 13 years old. As a child he suffered terribly from a speech impediment. Fortunately, the hypnotherapy was successful not just in curing this, but also boosting his morale as he trained to be a professional golfer. He went on to be one of the best golfers in the world with the help of hypnotherapy. Since then, Tiger Woods has reached a star-like celebrity status through becoming a leading figure in the sporting world of golf, however, living the lifestyle of a star exposed some of his weaknesses too. In recent years his career has been affected by mental health issues, as well as drug and alcohol abuse. As hypnotherapy had been such a success in Tiger Woods' early life he turned back to it again to overcome these issues he developed in later life. He finds the best way to implement mental coping strategies is hypnotherapy.

3. Sylvester Stallone
Blockbuster movie actor Sylvester Stallone has been known to use hypnotherapy throughout his career. He hired hypnotherapists to help get him into the role of some of his most famous movies, including the Rocky movies. 

4. Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner is another Academy Award Winning actor who has used hypnotherapy for a role in one of his most famous movies. However, this time it was to overcome the problem of sea sickness. In 1995 Kevin Costner starred in the award winning movie, Waterworld (1995), that involved a world completely surrounded by sea. For somebody who suffers from sea sickness, the first few weeks of filming were a little difficult. Fortunately, with the help of hypnotherapy he was able to overcome this issue and star in one of the most famous sci-fi movies in history.

5. Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts is one of Hollywood’s most successful actresses. She found fame in  the blockbuster romance movie 'Pretty Woman', in 1990, and went on to win countless Academy Awards for her many leading roles. She used hypnotherapy when she was young to overcome a speech problem, which later allowed her to pursue her illustrious career.

6. Fergie from The Black Eyed Peas
Fergie is a solo artist and the lead singer of the Black Eyed Peas. She is known to keep her hypnotherapist on speed dial, especially when she’s on tour. Fergie has suffered throughout her career from drug addiction, as well as anxiety and depression. Not only this but Fergie has always been very conscious of her weight. Living a life in front of the cameras, you are always expected to look your very best. Fergie’s hypnotherapist helps her through issues like weight loss, as well as overcoming feelings of anxiety before going on stage. She also helps Fergie deal with her past issues with alcohol and drugs. I guess we would all love a hypnotherapist who's available 24/7 on speed dial, now wouldn’t we?!

7. Adele
Adele is one of today’s most popular solo artists of our time, renowned for her powerful, diva-like voice and popular ballad songs. She has won over many hearts with songs like “Hello” and “Someone Like You”, but she has also suffered throughout her life with weight loss issues. Adele has tried a great number of ways to lose weight, including dieting and exercise, however, she found that the most effective method for her was hypnotherapy. 

8. Mozart 
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-91) was a famous classical composer, instrumentalist and teacher. He was talented from a very young age and wrote his first piece of music, which he performed for royalty, at the age of five! Mozart was also famous for composing some of his greatest pieces of music in existence, including the opera “Cosi fan Tutte,” while he was under hypnosis.

9. Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein (1879-1955) is arguably the most famous physicist of the last few centuries. He was renowned for his theories about space, the origins of the universe, and quantum physics, but not many people know that Albert Einstein also studied hypnotherapy. He believed that in order for the mind to work efficiently it needed to rest through meditation. It is recorded that every afternoon he would self-hypnotize himself into a trance-like state. This would inspire thoughts and ideas, such as the Theory of Relatively. It is highly likely that this groundbreaking idea came to him during self-hypnosis.


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10. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge
Last but certainly not least, there is the beautiful Duchess of Cambridge and our Queen to be, Kate Middleton. She is famously married to Prince William and is part of the Royal Family. Kate Middleton used hypnotherapy, or what is referred to as Hypnobirthing, to help stay calm and visualise the birth of her three children. Hypnobirthing is used to calm the nerves and help prepare the mind and body for childbirth and has become increasingly popular in recent years. 

So, there we have it! I bet you never imagined that hypnotherapy was such an important part of our history. It has helped all these famous celebrities and historical characters overcome issues that might have held them back. Without it we may not have been blessed by some of the best music, movies, theories or sportsmanship in existence.

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