How Hypnotherapy Can Help You Get Your Libido Back

Whether it’s busy schedules or childcare responsibilities, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy sex life amidst the hustle and bustle of modern life. Particularly for those in long-term relationships and marriages, the desire isn’t always there and it can be frustrating at the best of times. It’s perfectly normal to see libido and desire shift as we try to manage daily stress, but longer periods can pose a real challenge to the solidity of a relationship. Finding desire and maintaining that spark are what keep couples together so it can feel hopeless when that urge isn’t there anymore.

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Targeting the cause

It would be fair to say that libido is futile and a lack of it can create tension but it’s important to remember that it can be caused by a number of reasons, physical and/or mental. Whether it’s illness, injury or poor mental health, the issue will rarely resolve itself without intervention. It’s important to explore all options when seeking a solution.

Hypnotherapy enables couples to understand why they are feeling a certain way, to redirect their energy and rediscover their desire for one another. The subconscious knows what it needs and yet we are distracted by our thoughts on a daily basis, ‘what if they aren’t right for me?’, ‘what if I’m bored and need something new?’. Truthfully, finding a new partner won’t fix these issues and these thoughts will only return with time. Before you know it, you’ll be growing bored and finding yourself searching for something else yet again.


Anxiety tends to be the real cause of most cases of low libido. An individual who is constantly balancing the weight of the world on their shoulders will struggle to switch off and enjoy quality time with their partner. Hypnotherapy can help reduce those symptoms and clear the mind to allow one to enjoy a deeper connection.

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Get Started with increasing libido with our "Increase Libido Hypnotherapy session"  Click Here to download today. 

Hypnotherapy reveals the subconscious mind and opens it up to suggestion. It also helps to release stress and reveal one’s own true feelings. Therapy can help build desire for one another and open up opportunities to reconnect and rediscover the relationship.

After surgery or trauma

Not all cases derive from a place of stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, for many, traumatic events, surgery or trauma (both physical and mental) can limit one’s ability to enjoy a healthy sex life. Depending on the type of trauma, it can be difficult to regain a sense of enjoyment. This is why it’s key to nurture and nourish feelings of desire when they do return and to address what your body is saying and understand that it’s ok to not be ready yet.

In a 2013 study, researchers looked at the benefits of hypnotherapy in cancer patients post-surgery. They found that hypnosis had shown signs of helping patients with self-esteem and sexual dysfunction. Illness and trauma can create a lot of depression and anxiety for the

individual, especially for patients who have experienced some element of body disfiguration or where nerves may have been damaged. This can have a huge impact on the patient's self-esteem which in turn can contribute to poor libido and potential issues for relationships further down the line. Hypnotherapy has shown to be a valid option in helping people to recover some semblance of what they once had. It can bring back pleasure in multiple forms and enable people to feel desire again despite the circumstances they currently find themselves in.

The power of the mind

The brain is a powerful organ, and although hormones play a huge role in sexual desire, it is our thoughts that shape how strong our desire can be. It’s not impossible to get your libido back so not all hope is lost if a lot of time has passed. By opening up to hypnotism, you can reprogram your thoughts and reconnect with your partner sooner than you think.  Libido can often be a taboo subject that many would rather ignore than address but it’s important not to let your issues go un dealt with.

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Get Started with increasing libido with our "Increase Libido Hypnotherapy session"  Click Here to download today. 

Being open to hypnosis

Hypnotherapy works best when you want it to. To reap the full benefits, you need to be willing and receptive as well as proactive and keen to practice techniques you have learnt along the way. There’s no better time than today to make the first step in fixing that relationship or more importantly, improving your own self-care. Having a healthy sex life plays a huge part in maintaining great mental health.

By allowing the therapy session to bring you into a vulnerable and open state, you will be more receptive to the session. Therapies that can be delivered remotely are usually much more preferred as the individual can listen to these tracks in the privacy and comfort of their own home whilst doing it at a time that suits them.


Hypnosis has shown to have a significant impact on desire for individuals experiencing pain or distress, particularly during intercourse. One study found that regular hypnotherapy helped to not only decrease pain perception, but helped to increase intimacy between the case study and their partner. Hypnotic suggestions were aimed at improving self-esteem and ego whereas relaxation techniques targeted feelings of pain and encouraged different ways to perceive and manage said pain.

How it works

Whether you do this as a couple or alone, our therapy session aims to bring you to a peaceful state where you can let go of your stress and become more open to suggestions. The therapy will be making calm suggestions and will change your own way of subconscious thinking so that they can tap into it to make some positive changes.

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Get Started with increasing libido with our "Increase Libido Hypnotherapy session"  Click Here to download today.

By speaking to your subconscious mind, you will be more receptive to change and more likely to to see results. Hypnotism is an incredibly effective way at achieving results that don’t need to rely on medicinal intervention.

Despite the common misconceptions around hypnotherapy, you are always in control and will never be forced to something that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Although there may be underlying medical reasons for having low libido, hypnotherapy can form a valued part of the overall treatment. It is often the fear or anticipation of something going wrong that prevents many from undertaking sexual activity. This in itself is what kills libido but therapy can help change this. Hypnotherapy can stop those negative thoughts, disrupt poor behavioural patterns and incorporate feelings of pleasure so that people no longer associate their desire with any negative feelings. For this to work, one must be determined to see results. Hypnotherapy is a viable option for those who feel they need to increase their libido and improve their sexual relationship with their partner. 

Get Started with increasing libido with our "Increase Libido Hypnotherapy session"  Click Here to download today. 

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