Three Life Journeys Taking Back Control By Saying “Goodbye” To Alcohol

Life is a journey that everyone one embarks on. And each of us, take our own distinct path. We learn and grow to finally get to where we want to be. 

Unless, something gets in the way to obstruct our path. 

When the road starts to get unsteady into adulthood - our childhood dreams of being a vet, a superstar, an astronaut or scientist, a king or queen ruling the kingdom leave us.

Too many of us lose sight of our dreams. We forget the thoughts of no limits and see only limitations. We’re all grown up, but lost in the real world. 

The possibilities have become more restricted as our problems arise. Then, the problems get worse… 

Take Charlene, she is a fashion designer and lives in East London. Charlene grew up in a bustling workhouse. Her parents ran a family business. So, she had a natural flair for creativity and entrepreneurship. 

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She went on to study fashion design in the University of London and aced it with a 2.1. She was immediately awarded an apprenticeship in a high end designer shop in Covent Garden. 

At the turn of thirty, she was opening her own boutique. It was very successful, until recent times gave it a nasty shake with the rise of online shopping. 

Charlene had spent her twenties building a successful career, whilst she also got a taste for the night life too: 

“I was a lover of the London nightlife. At Uni, I remember the many nights out I had with my friends - such a laugh! Then, my apprenticeship took me to countless fashion shows and events, meeting and greeting renowned designers, some new faces and other familiar ones, but it all boiled down to one thing - parties and booze… lot’s of booze!”

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Charlene had always managed to make her classes after a night out. And again, important meetings after a night in the VIP talking to famous PRs. 

Times got harder when she opened her own business and began suffering financial loss. She found that reaching her early forties, single, saw her spending more and more evenings alone at home with a bottle of one or two.

“I’d have a glass or two of Merlot when I got home from work because it eased the nerves and helped me get to sleep. Then, when I hit a low point financially - I saw myself opening and polishing at least a bottle, maybe two.

I started to hate myself for it. How could I justify waking up the next day feeling rough and low in pocket. Yet, I’d have no trouble forking out twenty pounds for two bottles of wine.”  

Charlene’s life had taken a knock for the worst and where she had found release in a glass of wine or two, she started to develop a habit drinking at least two bottles of wine before bed. 

More often than not, we discover that life isn’t always easy and doesn’t always go our way. It might be work or family life, relationships or even the lack of one. 

Then, we mix it all together and we get awfully stressed!

Stress triggers pain signals in our brain, which manifest in chemicals that call out for relief. Charlene found relief in alcohol. And so did Lisa too.  

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Lisa is a single mum from Bolton. She has two children of 7 and 10 called Cody and Bethany. Unfortunately, Lisa had a shaky relationship with Cody and Bethany’s dad and they separated a few years back. 

Lisa get’s little financial support from their father and she struggles working two jobs to pay the bills and feed and clothe her kids. As well as provide school materials and keep them in their after school football and gymnastics class. 

Her mum was diagnosed with MS and now needs 24 hour care. Although this is covered by the NHS, she likes to get out and visit her as much as she can. 

She leads a very demanding work and family life. And Lisa found:

“Each day rolled onto the next. Everyday there was another problem to solve, another appointment to make. How am I going to make it? I have to be at work in 15 minutes! Will I get to school on time? Is the homework done? How will I get Cody to football? When will I get time to check in on mum? When will I? Can I? Is it even possible? 

Well, of course it isn’t. I can’t be in five places in the same hour! 

So what do I do? Well, I wing it, of course. Oh yes, and I drink wine too! I can’t get through the day without it. I’ll have one or two glasses at lunch. Then, a bottle and a half at night.”

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Lisa, like Charlene, lives a stressful life with a lot of ups and downs. She found that wine was her only remedy to relieve her feelings of stress and also, pain.  

As we get older, then we get the taste for substances like alcohol, tobacco, drugs and even sugar. 

They all have one thing in common - they relieve stress, or at least appear too.

They release dopamine, which sets off our happy signals called endorphins. 

In the moment of consuming these highly addictive drugs, they appear to balance out and relieve the pain. 

Until that taste becomes recurrent and you find yourself with a habit. 

Alcohol is readily available to everyone  as it’s served upon shop shelves and in bars and restaurants. 

Then, as you get older, drinking alcohol becomes a part of people’s leisure and social time. 

Charlene was first introduced to drinking in bars when she was studying at University in London. Then, it became a frequent setting in her social and work life too. Sandy, also found herself unwinding in a bar or quiet restaurant with her husband Robert. 

Sandy is a nurse from Sydney, Australia. On the other side of the world, she leads a busy work life still aged over 50. Her kids are grown and have left home. And her husband works away from home for long periods of time. 

When he returns home - it is usually marked with celebration. Sandy and Robert will go out wining and dining, visiting friends, parties out and evenings in with a bottle of wine or two. 

But then when he goes away and she is left at a loss at home alone and missing him. So, she became comforted by a warm brandy to pass the nights away. Then, her job:

“ Working as a nurse in a busy city hospital you see some pretty nasty sights. It’s not all upset and tears. But on those days when you have to pass on the sad news to the patient’s family. 

I’m sorry your son didn’t make it. Sometimes, you feel like you’ve done the deed yourself! 

So, it felt like a well deserved brandy at the end of the day. Plus, I miss Robert and the kids too. 

The house seems so lonely without them. I never know what to do with myself.

So, I’d think - well, why not pour myself another brandy then!”

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Sandy found herself in the same position as Charlene and Lisa. Although she lives thousands of miles away, she also disconnects with alcohol at the end of a busy and demanding day at work. More-so, she finds comfort in a drink when she is feeling lonely with Robert, her husband - working away from home. 

All three of these strong women share the same weakness, they have a habit of drinking too much alcohol. Although, they have functioned with it. Time takes its toll, so does stress and so does alcohol. 

When you find yourself drinking regularly every evening. You find that it is not such a leisurely pastime any more. 

Instead, it becomes an obstruction. 

Charlene, Lisa and Sandy all wrote in similar cries for help:

“Please Hugh, I’ve heard so many things about you. Word passes quickly through London and I’m looking for a way out of this mess. I want to be back to my purely motivated, career-driven self again. One that doesn’t get up the next day with wine in the brain, feeling anxious and depressed.” - Charlene


“I know I can be a better mum for my kids, a better daughter and person in myself. The wine just doesn’t knock it anymore, it’s only knocking me out! I’d dread to think if one of my children woke up in the night and I was too comatose to answer their call. It’s time to make a change and I’ve heard you guys can help.” - Lisa


“I’ve had enough of waking up with a hangover. I get to work and I’ve got no energy for my patients who need me. I feel guilty all the time! Not just for them, but for my family, kids and husband - who gets home next week. 

What will he think when he sees his wife polishing half a bottle of brandy off a night. I ignore the phone to my kids, so they can’t hear me slurring my words. I’ve got to do something quick! A Clear Mind is what I’m searching for, so maybe you have the answer - I really hope you do.” - Sandy

Each one of these women were suffering the same battle with alcohol and it was taking over their life. 

What had started off as a social, leisurely past time had overtaken their life. They had become wound up in a loophole and a habit they wanted to break free from 

 When you lead a stressful and demanding lifestyle, then alcohol can initially numb the pain. Until you find yourself drinking everyday. Then, you find you wake up everyday feeling:

  • In a low mood 
  • With low energy levels
  • Less Motivation
  • Less patience
  • More Stressed
  • More anxious 
  • And less able…

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Until, you’ve had another drink. So, then you have another drink.

This loophole, which can also be compared to a domino effect. 

You line up the dominoes carefully, attempting to set the path right. Until, one topples forward and all the rest come crashing back down again. 

You find yourself picking up the pieces, just to knock them back down again each time you drink and drink, and drink again. 

There’s only one way to set things right again - take out the common denominator, which is alcohol. 

For each of these wonderful women, I set them on the same journey.  

A journey of hypnotherapy in a program that is designed especially to take control of alcohol by switching your thoughts to reset mode. 

Research shows that it takes 21-30 days for the cells in your brain to renew themselves. Therefore, you can reset your thought processes through careful communication with the subconscious in 30 days. 

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Here at Clear Minds we have made a hypnotherapy pack called the 30 Days Dry Challenge. 

With the help of multiple hypnotherapy sessions and a helpful guide -  you will venture on a journey that will take back control of your habit of drinking alcohol. Just like it did for Charlene, Lisa and Sandy. 

After just two weeks Charlene wrote into us with a spectacular comeback:

“Wow guys, this really works! I can’t begin to say how you have changed my life. I am utterly blown away. 

I was sceptical at first and although I had a little slip up at the start, those first few days were the worst! I made contact and you got back to me straight away with some helpful tips that were really reassuring. I have found the Community Group so supportive too. Who would have known, I’m not the only one who reaches out for the bottle to get myself through a difficult day?! I’ve met two great friends there and we keep in touch, sharing our stories and how we feel sometimes. It’s great to know you’ve got that extra support. 

I have recently been getting my creative flair back and I’ve sat down with some web designers recently. I’m going to launch my shop - online! It’s giving me so much drive again,  I really can’t thank you enough. Keep doing what you're doing because it really works.” 

So, with just two weeks of no alcohol, Charlene was back to being her bubbly, ambitious self again. She also made contact with other people via the Community Group that were giving her that extra reassurance she wasn’t alone on this journey. 

Then Sandy was the next one to write in after three and a half weeks:

“G’day Hugh, well I’m pleased to say I’m on Day 25 and I haven’t had a drop of alcohol. And I’m also loving life again! Rob’s been back home and he’s been so supportive. He’s also chosen to stay dry as well. 

 Take me back to last month and I wouldn’t have thought it was possible. Yet, I took the dive and made contact - and you guys delivered! This has been such a life-changing experience and I’ve made friends for life on your amazing Community Group who live in the UK. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Sandy took the plunge and although a little daunting, she came out on top with the help of the 30 Days Dry Challenge. 

What can seem like the most difficult decision at the time, will be the best decision you ever make. 

In order to move forward, you have to do it with a Clear Mind. Alcohol consumes your energy and leaves you feeling negative, irritable, lacking in energy and tired. Over time, it also poses severe threats to your health including:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Heart disease / Cardiac arrest
  • Liver failure
  • Kidney failure
  • Stroke 
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Cancer
  • And more!

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Avoid high fat diet: It can lead to  life-threatening liver disease - The Economic Times

Not only does alcohol affect your physical and mental health. It can also affect that of others. When you have a family, especially children that look up to you. Then, you are their role model. When Lisa contacted us she was afraid her drinking was getting so out of control, she was being a poor role model for her kids. 

She was the last person to write in 6 weeks later:

“Hi Hugh, I’m on day 42. It has been a long and brilliant journey. I just want to say thank you though. I couldn’t have gotten here without you. Just the other day, I went out to see some friends and they couldn’t stop saying how great I look, how bright and full of energy I look.”

The truth is, I had got myself in a really dark place. I look back now and think, how was that even possible?! But then again, a few months back I wouldn’t have imagined a life without alcohol in it. 

I don’t like to dwell too much on the past though. What’s done is done! And what you guys have done is - you’ve given me and my kids a chance at a new life again. I am back to being super mum again, making each moment count. I don’t just try and get through the day, I enjoy the day. No matter what life throws at me. 

In fact, life has gotten a little easier. I’ve made friends with one of Cody’s friends' mums. She’s lovely and has offered to pick the kids up from school a few days a week. I recently got promoted to manager in one of my jobs, so I was able to let the other go. This has given me more time to spend with my kids and go to see my mum as well. She is also much better these days. I think she had clocked onto my drinking problem and it was getting her down. 

I realise now that I wasn’t just getting myself down, but my family too. So, I have made the decision I’m going to remain dry for now. I wouldn’t want to put a downer on this amazing feeling I have without alcohol, so why would I want to go back to drinking?!

All I want to say is thank you to everyone at Clear Minds. You have been my rock in one of the most difficult, but enlightening journeys I have made in my life. One that meant I could take back control and start living again. 

I also want to thank the people in the Clear Minds Facebook Community Group, you’ve been excellent support along the way. Especially, two wonderful women - they share very different backgrounds to me, but we have remained in contact all this time. I wouldn't have gotten here without the evenings spent sharing stories. I’ve poured my heart out to these girls and they’ve done the same. Charlene and Sandy you will remain my friends for life.``

So, there you have it: three very different, but also similar stories of three very strong and independent women. Each had lost their way developing a habit out of drinking to numb the pain. Yet, they all reached a point where they wanted to set right their journey in life. They wanted to take back control and kick away the alcohol. It was the only thing obstructing them from moving forward and achieving their dreams. 

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I set them on a specialised course of hypnotherapy called the 30 days dry challenge and guided them on a life-changing journey of success. That success involved saying “goodbye” to their favourite alcoholic blanket. And saying “hello” to their future. Although, daunting - much more enlightening without alcohol controlling it. 

Make your break from alcohol with Clear Minds hypnotherapy and meet others that will join you on a journey to making a new and better future today. 

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