What Are Your New Year's Resolutions for 2023?

What is a New Years resolution and it's history? 

For decades, people have used the beginning of a new year to start fresh in their lives. For instance, in ancient Rome, people used to swear to the gods that they would pay off any debts and return any borrowed goods. The majority of these vows were made to Janus, from whom the month of January derives its name. It's still unclear which of these promises held true through February. At the beginning of every year, the people vowed to their gods that they would repay loans and settle obligations. At the time of the Christmas season in the medieval era, the knights took the "peacock pledge" to reaffirm their dedication to chivalry. Many Christians make these resolutions during watchnight services in order to pray and get ready for the coming year. The Covenant Renewal Service is the liturgy used for the New Year's watchnight service in Methodist Christianity. In addition to being held on New Year's Eve as is customary, many churches also provide the Covenant Renewal Service on New Year's Eve and on New Year's Day's morning.

The popularity of New Year's resolutions has greatly increased from the time of Ancient Rome. Only around a quarter of individuals made resolutions in the early 20th century, but today, that number is closer to 40%.

A quarter of American people made New Year's resolutions near the conclusion of the Great Depression. About 40% did in the beginning of the twenty-first century. In reality, according to the American Medical Association, between 40% and 50% of Americans participated in the 1985 Gallop Poll and 1995 Epcot Survey custom of making New Year's resolutions. According to a survey, 46% of people who made popular New Year's resolutions like losing weight, starting an exercise regimen, or quitting smoking etc were likely to succeed, which is more than ten times the percentage of people who made similar changes to their lives at other times of the year.

Does it actually work? Well... what does the science say? We've all made promises to ourselves along the lines of "this year, I'm finally going to..." and never kept them. Well, it's probably not surprise that the majority of us break our New Year's resolutions. Although studies on the subject vary, some estimate that close to 90% of us fail to keep the changes we make!

This could be as a result of many of us setting unattainable ambitions. According to a second survey, up to a third of us admit that our New Year's resolutions are too overly amibitous. As for the others, some fail to keep track of their progress, while others set too many goals and end up forgetting about them. So, if the finest piece of advise we can give you if you want to change this year is to keep it brief and simple!

New Year's goals are still a terrific approach to start healthier behaviours that may promote learning or better behaviour in the classroom and in schools. They're also a terrific approach to inspire kids to change for the better on their own. Near the end of the school year, many teachers may prepare an activity around this theme. 

So how can hypnotherapy can help you stick to your New Year's resolution?

The new year is an opportunity to set goals, intentions and healthier lifestyles with celebrating the old and welcoming in the new. Warning: More than half of all resolutions fail, but for this new year coming, you can use the valuable tool of hypnotherapy to help you succeed. Firstly, identify the right resolution to improve your life and set it as your main goal for 2023. Hypnotherapy can help achieve this goal wether it be quitting smoking, loosing weight or limit alcohol intake. 




Let's do this right - Here are 20 of the best New Year's resolution ideas for 2023:

  1. Quitting smoking or vaping
  2. Limiting your alcohol intake or stopping all together
  3. Volunteering 
  4. Less screen time 
  5. Eating healthier 
  6. Travel more
  7. Keeping a journal 
  8. Meeting with friends and family more often 
  9. Talking to yourself with kindness
  10. Drink more water 
  11. Letting go of grudges 
  12. Start a new hobby
  13. Buy a plant or grow a fruit or vegetable 
  14. Eating out less and cooking more 
  15. Stop binge eating
  16. Start meditating 
  17. Being more organised 
  18. Save money
  19. Being more present in a moment 
  20. Live life to its fullest

And many many more. A good tip is to make sure you have your resolution written down and put somewhere you can always see it, for example, the fridge door, next to your bedside lamp or in your wallet, this sets intention and helps remind you of your goal. 

You can achieve your resolutions with Hypnosis...  

Hypnosis can help you stick with your New Year's resolutions by focusing on the specific goal you want. Hypnotherapy works by making suggestions to the subconscious mind to change the behaviour you want. The biggest theme with New Year resolutions is to be better or do better in some way or another, hypnosis can help put you in the right frame of mind and motivate you to achieve this with confidence.

It all starts with you. To find out more about which hypnotherapies will suit you best please check out the link below. 







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Hypnosis and New Years resolutions 

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