What Is The Psychology Behind A New Year's Resolution And Why Should You Wait?

What is the psychology of a New Year’s Resolution?…

Why is it that we need to start every new year making a statement that we are going to change our lives for the better? Why wait for that one day a year to make all your dreams come true, or should I say — get over any bad habits that have been getting you down? That is usually the psychology behind this statement. We have a heavy night, or should I say month of work parties, Christmas parties, and New Year’s Eve to set it off with one Big Bang, of course. Then come January the 1st, starting off the new year, you feel terrible! 




It doesn’t seem to add up, which is when you start to think I shouldn’t be feeling like this starting a fresh, new year — I don’t feel fresh at all! Does this feeling sound familiar?...   

How many of you have woken up on New Year’s Eve morning thinking I really don’t want to be starting another year feeling this, tired and hungover?! Then again, maybe alcohol is not the issue. You might be suffering from anxiety or insomnia and still feel the same way. 



The important thing is it’s a new year and you want your life to change. However, my point is - why wait?! 

Today is as good a day as any. We might not be starting a new year, but we’re certainly starting a new life. So make that decision and make your New Year’s resolution — Today’s solution!  

What Is The Psychology To A New Year’s Resolution?    

There is something about starting a new year that everyone seems to think — now is the moment for a change. Maybe, that’s right! It's good psychology to start a fresh new year with big goals and positive thinking. However, more often than not this frame of thinking, or psychology should I say, comes from negative thoughts. What I mean by this is, from a bad hangover or feelings of guilt that you have not achieved what you had in mind the year before. 

 December is the last month of the year and it seems to come round way too quickly! We’re starting the year off fresh and dry in January, before we know it Christmas is here. Really, December’s a nice time of year. Apart from the frosty weather, we have the Christmas Holidays to look forward to. This is a time of celebrating family time and also with friends. It is tradition in most areas of the world to exchange gifts and get together and have a good time, as well as cherish old memories. At work we celebrate the end of the year with the ritual Christmas party where we can let our hair down outside of the office. More often than not though, we drink a little too heavily and end up embarrassing ourselves in front of colleagues. So then, the next day you want to sink down and disappear into your desk chair pretending like you can’t be seen.   

Christmas time is a time of joy and festivity, as well as drinking alcohol! The more you drink, the more fun you will have — or so the motto goes?! I don't think so. In fact, I imagine that most of you who wake up on January the 1st making that familiar resolution to drink less and live healthier, don’t see it as fun anymore. Really, we shouldn’t be making them in the first place. We shouldn’t feel guilty when we have fun. So then, we ask ourselves, what is our idea of fun?  

For way too many of us ‘grown up’ adults, the idea of having fun involves getting together socially and getting inebriated. We wake up the next day, whether it’s a Sunday morning — on one of your weekend days off or on New Year's Day, starting a fresh year feeling worse than ever. When we look at it like this the psychology behind having fun as grown ups doesn’t seem to add up.   

Now I wonder how you might feel seeing this next new year in 2022 - not focusing on New Year's Resolutions, but instead congratulating yourself on what you have achieved this year. You want to be giving yourself a big pat on the back for a year full of accomplishments, not guilt over feeling that you can’t cope or you’re addicted to a substance like alcohol. You will never accomplish anything with that resting overhead. So it’s time to change your vision of things, not just your perception of a New Year’s resolution but all your problems. 


Don’t Wait A Minute Longer  

What you need to be thinking is: “there’s no time like now” or “it’s better now, than never” — to make a change for the better. Especially, if it means living a healthier life with less to worry about, less alcohol consumption meaning  less hangovers and a more positive frame of mind. There should be no specific date to make this choice. Whether it's the start of the year or its mid-year, even at the end of the year. You certainly do not need to envision the end of your year getting as drunk as possible and wind up feeling awful starting the new year in.   

You want to start the new year feeling refreshed and energized, but also proud of yourself for accomplishing everything you needed and more before the end of the year is near. In order, to do this you need to gain a better, more positive way of thinking. You need to change your beliefs. Your beliefs are what make up your way of thinking and they are fully ingrained in your subconscious. They control everything you do. Say, you are scared of something or suspicious ‘not to walk under a ladder’ or ‘do anything daring on Friday the 13th,’ then you will live your life this way. You will never attempt to do either of these things — not because you can’t, but because you won’t. In fact, sometimes our beliefs are so strong, they might even be wrong but we will still enact them because they are stored in our subconscious. Our subconscious controls everything including our conscious thought.   

Yet, how is it then that we can’t seem to control our subconscious thoughts, when it takes so much control of us?…  

The answer rests in the fact that this statement is untrue. You can take control of it! One of the best and most effective ways is through hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy is a specialized form of psychotherapy where a hypnotherapist, such as myself, will put someone into a meditated sleep-like trance so that we can communicate and alter those beliefs. The beliefs that have become self-destructive. Those beliefs, which started with following tradition and celebrating Christmas consuming way too many glasses of wine. Then, you wake up on New Year's Eve wanting to change everything about yourself.   

Hypnotherapy treats this self doubt, but it also helps you see things differently. Whether that means you see that making a change now is better than in a few months time. Furthermore, it will help break that self-destructive tradition to ‘drink your sorrows away’ or ‘celebrate with a bottle of bubbly,’ when just one glass, maybe two, is sufficient.   

You don’t want to wake up on New Year’s Eve with a banging headache making a resolution that you need to drink less. It is better you drink less the night before and praise yourself for it, as well as all the positive things you have done and seen through the year. You want to make good memories, which you won’t find at the end of an empty wine bottle. The only way you will start to think positively and see good things happen to you is when you decide to change your thinking. 

  Don’t wait another minute, let alone another day!


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