Why Would You Benefit From A Career As A Hypnotherapist?

In today’s blog we are going to take a step back. We are not going to focus on the different reasons why hypnotherapy is used to overcome mental health issues or habits. Instead we are going to look at the person in the chair — me, for example. We are going to imagine what it would be like to become a hypnotherapist. Have you ever imagined yourself sitting in that other chair? Have you ever wanted to master the method of hypnosis? Maybe, like me, you have always had a lifelong dream to be a hypnotherapist.


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Although it does take learning and practice like any other trade. However, like any other trade it’s possible for anyone to become good at it with practice and professional training. All you have to do is put your mind to it and take time to dedicate to learning and mastering this unique profession. I assure you it is very gratifying when you have achieved success with it for more reasons than one. I am gong to enlighten you on some of the best reasons why you should become a hypnotherapist.

These are some of the great advantages I have found following this profession over the many years and I would like to share them with you today.

The Many Advantages Of Becoming A Hypnotherapist

So, you will be pleased to know that there are certain perks to the trade of becoming a hypnotherapist. I don’t like to blow my own trumpet but as this is my dedicated trade I like to share my knowledge. I am also proud to be able to help people across difficult moments in their life, which for me was the biggest seller to inspire me to choose this as my profession.

Hypnotherapy uses a specific technique using hypnotic, suggestive language and verbal cues repeatedly with the aid of visual imagery to put people into a meditated sleep-like (‘hypnotic’) state. In this state people can effectively block out conscious thought and background sound so that they are more focused and concentrated on addressing their negative thoughts. These negative thoughts can embody different mental health issues, such as anxiety, insomnia, fears and phobias, but also habits like drinking, smoking and overeating.

That is why my first reason for becoming a hypnotherapist was because I wanted to help people. After my first experience watching hypnosis on a live stream show I knew that I was intrigued by it. I then decided to try out hypnotherapy for myself in my late teens as a way of overcoming some of my own problems at the time. I realized that it is natural for everyone to have issues that we need to deal with. I have also seen for my own eyes that hypnotherapy is one of the most, if not the most, effective form of therapies to address and eliminate these issues too.

It was important to me that people could experience the same benefits I had from hypnotherapy where it changed my life completely for the better. I felt blessed that I had been given another opportunity at a new life where my thinking was much clearer and healthier. We can never avoid bad things happening to us because that is a part of life. What is important is that we learn to see and address negative stimuli differently, which means not caving in to it. When we learn to see things in a new light — one that we have control of the switch, we will also see just how amazing life can be. Also, never forget that this is possible for all of us if you are ready to make a change or achieve your goals. It could be becoming a hypnotherapist, for example, then you will see that there are other pros to this profession like:


1. You Do Not Need A University Degree

If you want to become a hypnotherapist it is not as hard or costly as you think. Some of you may be thinking that you have to save up thousands to be able to study a profession in hypnotherapy. As it is considered a form of medical therapy like psychology or psychiatry, then most people would think they need a university degree to become a hypnotherapist as well. This is not the case. As I address this in our other article released today How To Become A Hypnotherapist, (insert link to other article) you will see that the process is a little easier. It is also less time consuming and doesn’t cost as much as you would imagine. Therefore, it’s always worth giving it a try. Who knows you could be on the path to benefiting from one of these other following five reasons you should become a hypnotherapist


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2. There Is A High Demand For Hypnotherapists

Hypnotherapy is one of the highest jobs in demand at this moment in time. With recent social changes and difficult times that none of us have had control of. Collectively, many people have suffered through this traumatic period. However, as we are also recognizing more than ever that mental health is also important as a way of dealing with difficult times and improvised bad moments. Then, we see that many people are reaching out for help in methods such as hypnotherapy or counseling as a way to overcome their problems. Therefore, if you’re thinking of going into this trade you can reassure yourself that you are going to have work and you are going to be paid well. You will see just how well…



3. Wave Goodbye To Money Issues

Then there are some other pros to becoming a hypnotherapist, which include a very good wage if you get really good at the job. Then you can find the clients and plenty of them. An average one-to-one hypnotherapy session can cost anywhere between £ 50 - 150. Some of the highest paid hypnotherapists can earn anywhere between £ 250-1000 a session. However, on average if you were to start out you can charge on average £70 an hour. This is a really good hourly rate, which means that you could be on a wage of £33,000 — 60,000 a year. Therefore, you could live a well-secured life with a little freedom too. You do not have to check your holiday dates by your boss, only your clients! They do come first, of course, they will be your bread.


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4. Minimal Overheads

A hypnotherapist has the advantage of providing a one to one service. So apart from a comfortable work space to house your clients for the hour, there are very little overheads.


There is the initial cost of setting up your trade training to become a hypnotherapist. So then, you will need to sacrifice the time and money to pay for the course/s and books. This can cost anywhere between £1,000 — £5,000 Finally, with the completion of this course you will be issued with a hypnotherapy certificate, which allows you to provide services for medical therapy. You might need to rent out an office, which will add to your overheads. 5. Working from home — at a great convenience On the other hand, you can also work from the comfort of your own home if you wanted to. This cuts your costs completely and means getting to work on time will never be an issue! I worked for many years from home seeing my clients on my very own sofa. Then I moved to a bigger apartment and turned a spare bedroom into a therapy room / office. I made sure it was the room closest to the front door, so that most people wouldn’t think twice that they had been in someone else’s home — mine.


5. Work for yourself 

Under Your Own Rules So apart from working from home, where you can limit your overheads — you can also work for yourself. So then, you wear the trousers and you can also work as a person of your own free will. That means you will not have to take orders from the ‘big’ boss man upstairs.


Then The Odd Disadvantage

When you work for yourself it can also have its disadvantages. It means that you will have to put the work in to find your clients, as well as fill your appointments up to keep an income. This will mean spending out a little at the beginning in marketing. In this case, I would certainly make the most of social media marketing and getting your name known by word of mouth too.


It is very important when you go into a trade where you are selling yourself as an image, you keep that image good all the time. That means outside of work, as much as inside your work. One thing which I can’t stress enough and key to working for yourself — keep your customers satisfied! It is important to select your words carefully and never offend or upset clients through a careless choice of words. Remember that in some cases they might be overcoming a habit, stress or anxiety. This means that they might be a little self-conscious or sensitive to words said a particular way.

As a hypnotherapist we need to adopt a new persona. This might mean becoming more calm and collected, especially around your clients. You need to reassure them that they can confide in you, but also that you are good at your job. So, you must always stay confident too because this helps to reassure people. You need to show people that you know what you’re doing, but also that you can help them. If you keep your customers happy and satisfied, then you will keep them coming back for more sessions too. Not only that, but they will help spread the word!

It is a fact that word of mouth marketing is one of the best ways to get yourself known. So, never let a customer down and if you find that one is dissatisfied make sure you do everything you can to make it right. Be polite and make an offering of peace. It is important that they walk away feeling happy and reassured, not with memories of a bad experience. This can destroy your career in the flash of a second! So now you have read up a little more on why becoming a hypnotherapist would be a great idea. You can go ahead and read our article on How To Become A Hypnotherapist. Just click on the link.

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