“You Will Never Climb Again,”They Said! How Self-Hypnosis Brought The Urban Spider-Man (Alain Robert) Out Of Depression And To Climb 823m Without A Harness

Would dare climb a 100 story building! Would you?…

Of course not, that would be crazy! Yet, there is someone who has made it his lifetime goal to climb some of the tallest buildings in the world. Alain Robert who turned 60 years on the 7th of August was born in Digoin, Burgundy, France. 

In 2011, mountain and urban-climber, Alain Robert pushed his limits climbing the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which stands at 828m (2,717ft). He did this with only a partial use of his safety harness to get him to the very top. Alain is renowned for his fear factor personality that has taken him to some of the world’s highest heights, such as this one. He takes fearless adventure to another level, very often climbing without a safety harness attached. 

As with any ordinary fear factor junky — he feeds off the adrenalin that climbing outrageously tall buildings gives him when he reaches the top. Yet, there is more to his secret than meets the eye. I mean, how is it that he is able to climb so high and not fall, or even get scared of falling?

Well that is exactly why he doesn’t fall… because he isn’t scared of falling! 


Alain Roberts uses a very focused technique of self-hypnotherapy and guided meditation that he has perfected over the years. He practices this both before, during and after he climbs. However, his story of how he first used it wasn’t to climb the Eiffel Tower. It was to cure his depression after an almost fatal accident falling from a 15 metres drop, which left him in a wheelchair. 

Alain’s Unbelievable Story to Fame

From a teenager Alain took a passion for climbing and by 19 years he was renowned as a great climber in France. He regularly appeared on the cover of niche climbing magazines. Then in 1982 when he was just 20 years old, he fell over 15 meters whilst assisting some beginner climbers. Falling from such a height has proven fatal for most people. However, Alain was given a second chance. 

Alain did not see it in this way when he first had the accident though. After waking up from a five day coma he found himself in shattered ruins on a hospital bed. He was 66% disabled from the neck down and suffered epileptic fits and terrible vertigo too as a result of his accident. He was told by the doctors he would never walk again, let alone climb. 

Despite this awful news, he still found himself 30 years later and at 50 years old climbing the world’s tallest building, which reaches nearly 830m high. To most people this is an absolute miracle and nearly impossible, as well as very difficult to believe. So how did he do it then?…


Alain Robert used a very specialized form of self-hypnotherapy and guided meditation, as well as visualization techniques. When he left the hospital a few months after his accident he returned home feeling sad and a little depressed. It took just two weeks for him to do something about this. He was determined he would not give up and no matter what happened, he would climb again! 

Alain was advised to try out self-hypnotherapy to overcome his PTSD, which had developed into depression. He was told that self-hypnotherapy was an excellent way to get him back on his hands and feet again, feeling better. Little did he know, he was back on his hands and feet again — climbing again and reunited with his passion. This time nothing was going to hold him back. With the use of self-hypnotherapy he was able to take back control of his mind and body, as well as his fate into his own hands. 

He became determined that although he only had 34% of his body left working, he would use it to its full potential. He did this and more. Not only did he rehabilitate himself physically, but more so with his mind. He went on to climb heights that have never been climbed before. He has the Guinness world records for being the fastest climber, climbing the most buildings and also for climbing the tallest building in the world. He has become a massive personality in extreme sporting/climbing, as well as on the front page of newspapers worldwide. 


Alain Roberts has shocked the world by climbing some of its highest landmarks, as well as cliff faces that have scaled over 1000m high. He has climbed countless skyscrapers, such as the Eiffel Tower (313m), the Sydney Opera House (65m), The Cheung Kong Centre (283m) and famously the tallest building in the world in Dubai called the Burj Khalifa (823m). 

In 2013 he attempted to climb The Shard in London, but his climb was cut very short and he was issued an injunction by the police to not return. He has had a few court cases ruled against him for climbing buildings, which are illegal and off limits. Then again, I guess he has to live up to his daring personality, doesn’t he? In fact, he has been tagged as our real-life ’Spiderman.’ On a few occasions he has even worn a Spiderman outfit to sport his fictitious identity. 

And a super hero… he is! 

Even more incredible is that he will climb these daring heights without any climbing or safety equipment at all. In other words, there is no safety harness to stop him from falling. You would think after falling so badly in his early career, he would not dare take the risk. However, Alain Robert’s self-hypnotherapy technique is so effective that he has no fear whatsoever of falling, despite his almost fatal falls. In fact, it gives him more determination than ever to pursue his lifelong dream to climb. He sees life completely different to most people. He has no fear of falling or hurting himself. Instead, he sets his mind to believe that he 110% sure will not fall. Therefore, he does not fall with the help of self-hypnotherapy.


Using Self-Hypnotherapy To Overcome Your Fears

Fears and Phobias are brought about by a traumatic experience, which often raises a conditioned response every time we experience a memory of that trauma. However, Alain Robert’s minor fear that he developed after his near fatal fall in 1982 soon disappeared with the help of self-hypnotherapy. He went on to use it religiously every day to train his mind to remain focused and fearless to prepare him for some of his biggest climbs. 

Self-hypnotherapy is an effective way of reprogramming the mind to think differently about our fears and phobias. It is also really good at focusing the mind to better yourself at something, as well as reach your goals without any distraction. In 1982, when Alain had his fall, he fell because he was distracted by the other climbers. He lost his grip, slipped and plummeted to the ground with no safety bracket to stunt his fall. 

Alain Roberts has since learnt that by using self-hypnotherapy he can perfect his climbing technique. He does this before the climb, but whilst climbing as well. He shuts out of his mind the fear that he will fall, as well as the distractions happening around him - anything from a bird to a gust of wind or even a fly nipping at his neck! He cannot help any of these things, but he has learnt to block them out from his mind. 

Therefore, when Alain climbs he is only and fully concentrated on his grip that is from his hand and/or foot to the rock. In the cases where he climbs buildings and skyscrapers — the metal seams, which line the window frames, are his only support. With the height and vertical angle of the cliffs and buildings he is used to climbing it rarely gives himself an opportunity to rest. Therefore, self-hypnotherapy doesn’t just help with the focus, strength and success of his climbing technique but also ensures mental and physical stamina as well. No matter what, he will not give up until he reaches the top!

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The important thing to remember is that anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Find some guidance using our incredible self-hypnotherapy audios and see where life could take you to some of the highest heights. Who knows, unless you try?!

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