10 reasons why living healthy is choice you.must be making

There are hundreds of reasons why living healthily should be a choice you make everyday. Every morning you wake up your first words should be: 'I want to take care of my body today, I want to allow it some time to breath, to heal. I will feed it well - no alcohol or cigarettes or any other substance that causes harm or damages it. I love me and my body, I want to take care of you and make healthier choices today and everyday.' Now I don't mean to preach. I mean at the end of the day your body is your body. 
However, I like to start off my day like this. It gives me reason and it puts my thoughts into action. At the end of the day we each wake up in the morning with one desire that today is going to go our way. Then some of us, myself included may wake up with a long list of jobs that I have to fulfill and goals I want to achieve. It is important to give yourself goals and an incentive to keep on going but also keep in bettering yourself. Success is achieved in all kinds of different measures but the examples showing off the fullest of pots are ones filled with hundreds of goals that have been achieved and bettered again and again.
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However, in order to achieve real succes it all stems down to one thing. You lead a healthy lifestyle and you make healthier choices. This can be anything from:
Eating a healthier diet
Keeping fit with exercise 
Sleeping a regular pattern 
Thinking more positively
Choosing the right path 
Only then will you see that life will seem easier. You are being easier on yourself, so naturally life will get easier. Not only that but you will not feel the need to indulge in anything unhealthy, no matter how tempting because you'll remember and it will trigger the right thought- this isn't good for you, so don't do it! 
If you take control and lead a healthier life you will see that it will be the best decision you ever make. And I am going to explain to you in 10 helpful reasons to highlight the importance of making the right decisions - always be healthy! 

10 Reasons You Should Make Healthier Choices

1. You feel better about yourself - when you are making healthier choices in what you eat, how you live and what to do. It's a natural feeling that feeds positive toxins that make you feel good all over. When your healthier then your mind and body is boosted with a self-medicated force of will power. It will feel like anything is possible. 
2. You will look better - when you live a healthier lifestyle then your body is getting the right nutrients. It's also getting the right amount of rest and not putting toxins in your body that damage you physically and mentally. You feel or look as anxious or tired. Then those dark shadows and red puffiness, even wrinkles from under and around your eyes will look better. You will tone up and your skin will look clearer.
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3. You will look and feel younger - As the skin clears up and your muscles start to tone. Your face will start to look much more different. Not only will it look clearer, you'll look younger too. The wrinkles will disappear and a muscle tone will lift everything back into place. Age is inevitable and we won't look young and desirable forever. However, we can control our old we look.
Making the wrong choices with our diet and lifestyle like drinking or smoking, not keeping fit and generally living a sedentary life will speed up the effects of ageing. Not only will you.look older, but you will feel older before your time. The same goes in reverse so it doesn't take a rocket scientist if your searching the cream section for the newest wrinkle master elimanator cream, maybe a diet change might have more beneficial results. Give it a try. 

4. You will have more energy - You will be fighting fit and full of energy when you live healthier. Not only are you getting the right nutrients and vitamins from foods that gives you a natural booster. Not like sugar. It will leave you feeling good after and not bad. It also won't cause you to put weight on or threaten high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease amongst other illnesses.
The natural energy booster you get from leading a healthier life is simply from making the right choices. Ones that involve getting a better sleep without medication or recreational drugs. It means eating better foods that give you energy, sugar is a definite -
NO! It also means keeping fit and allowing your body and mind time to rest. Every decision you should take should always be answered keeping one thing in mind - you are safe and well, you are making the right decision because it is healthy. 
5. Your mental health will be better - So, as well as your pysical health getting better your mental health will get better too. Eating the right foods and getting the right amount of sleep as well as working out and releasing tension in the 'right ways.' It will all accumulate to your brain releasing the right amount of endorphins and oxitosins. These are chemicals in your brain that control your mood swings. They will tell you when your feeling happy, sad, scared or in pain. More often than not people will be tempted to turn to the 'wrong' things like alcohol, smoking and drugs. These might release a sudden tension and instate a state of momentary happiness, but the secondary effects are terrible. Especially, after prolonged consumption. It might build a reliance and slowly but surely you find yourself disappearing down a hole of darkness. Your mood swings are erratic and ultimately become very negative. Your sleep patterns become interrupted and you start to suffer with signs of sleep deprivation. A higher chance of developing anxiety and depression often relates to addictions to any substance including sugar. Therefore, eliminating your addiction and choosing a healthier lifestyle will not just help you physically but mentally. You want to get your adrenaline rush from the right thing so start a sport or join the gym, eat foods that are high in antioxidants and take some time out and meditate to relax rather than pour yourself a glass of wine. You'll be surprised if you practice it properly, then the effects are almost the same without the headache in the morning. In fact, it is a true fact that not only is this remedy of relaxation better for you but it will inspire longer lasting effects.
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6. Things will start to go more your way - It is a true fact and you have to try to it see it and then you'll believe it! When you are feeling more positive it sets off a positive energy, which is magnetic. It attracts all things positive to you. Therefore, when you are positive and you think positively, positive things will happen. Just like when your feeling negative and feeling down and things start yo go wrong. You have a bad day and the car breaks down, then the principal rings you and your kids missed too much homework and you catch your hand in the car door, notice a parking ticket...
They say when one thing goes wrong they happen in threes! Well, maybe that's right but only because you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I know we can't control all catastrophes the world throws our way. We can learn to deal with them better. When they don't appear so bad they won't seem so bad, but that's up to your perception of the situation. It's better to take things I  your stride than let a small step make you trip and fall. Each day is another mountain to be climbed, but if you climb it you'll get to the top. If you fear you'll fall without a doubt. I know that's a lot easier said than done and everyone has their own steep hill often made steeper or with more obstacles in our way. However, with a healthy mind and body you will see they won't seem so hard to climb. You'll feel fitter and healthier than ever so whatever battle you have to fight you'll be full of an energy that will take breaths away. One that is positive, strong and fighting fit all in one.
7. You will attract nicer people - Just like before that energy you give off when you lead a healthier and more positive life will emanate around you. You will attract much better people. Not only partners but friends too. When you are leading an unhealthy lifestyle - drinking in bars, smoking or consuming drugs or anything that breeds a negative aura it will attract the wrong people to your door. These people will have their own mental issues, they will act selfishly and will encourage your bad habits even more. Very often they are inviting and will offer to help you. Then when you least expect and probably when you need them the most they will let you down and deceive you in ways you couldn't imagine. This is the worst case scenario but very often happens in 'toxic and 'unhealthy' relationships and friendships. Therefore, when you live a bad unhealthy lifestyle you will attract bad people that bring bad news. You must be weary about this because things can get very ugly and quickly in scenarios where you might have once felt safe. The important thing is to get out of this lifestyle, this circle of friends your in and this negative state of mind - start living healthier! 
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8. You have more chance of meeting the one - So when you start hanging around with new, nicer people. You will see that there is a whole sea of fish out there and they're not all sharks. In fact, there's some pretty decent guys & girls in the world. We certainly shouldn't be settling for second best. Now this reason might not be for everyone, only the single people looking for love. It could be that you've been looking for love a long time. You may have wondered why you don't attract the right live. Again, it all boils down to the lifestyle you lead and having a positive mindset. So, if you love to live dangerously then your love life will be unsteady. You won't attract the right people. The right guys or girls only look for steady minds. A steady mind is best lived healthily. You need to change your game and all starts with you. They say that love is not found outside but within. You have to learn to love yourself before you are loved correctly by the right person or the 'one.' The one and only way to.properly start to love yourself and carry on that way is to live healthily. When you look after yourself you are loving the one and true person that comes first in your life and that's you. Anyone else follows suit that goes the same for partners, friends, family, kids, parents and siblings. If you don't look after you first and make sure you're healthy, how can you take care of anyone else properly? How can you inspire love and companionship? A lover looks for security? To give off that feeling of security then you need to feel secure in yourself. You must do this by making more healthier choices.
9. You will get ill less often - So with a healthier mind and body then you are sure to fight back infection and viruses much better too. Your body will be fighting fit and ready to take on any unexpected illness you could get. Then again, you'll find that leading a better diet, your defense system will protect you from illnesses in the first place. This goes for viruses as well as illnesses that hit you later in life. You'll be saving yourself doctors bills as well as the stress that the onset of getting ill can bring.  
10. You will live longer - When you eat healthier and live a healthier life, which means steering away from the old sedentary one. Then, we know we are going to look, feel, think and overall be much fitter. So, we won't get ill as often, but we won't encourage the onset of a serious, even terminal disease early on in life. If we protect our body and feed it the right things we show we love ourselves and thus attracts the people and the right live in our life. This makes us feel even better and everything starts to link up. When life goes better and you have the right people around you and your luck appears to be better. Things more more your way. All in all life is one that is worth living. Therefore, when we look back on this great list of reasons why making healthier choices will mean that you are more likely to live longer. 
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How to Learn To Make Healthier Choices with Hypnotherapy 

Hypnotherapy is an excellent way of letting go of your inhibitions correctly. It frees the mind by using a careful method of relaxing the mind into a meditative trance or state of relaxation. At that point, which is usually triggered by a countdown and imaginary staircase or ladder you will find yourself in a hypnotic trance, which is often described as being asleep. However, you're not quite asleep your are still awake just relaxed and with your eyes closed. You're not conscious of what is going on around you: background noise and distractions are mostly unintelligible. It is you and the hypnotherapists voice, in this case mine. 
I have developed a wide range of self-hypnotherapy audio sessions all of which deal with different issues, such as insomnia, alcohol, smoking and anxiety. I treat these issues when you are under this hypnotic trance. I will take you back to thoughts and memories and I will help locate the trigger to each and every problem. Then, I will help eliminate it. I change your train of thought to one that thinks positively and forgets about the bad thoughts and the triggers altogether. The secret to this treatment that makes it so effective is that it doesn't just treat the issue and in a healthy way, but it will help eliminate if and cream a whole new positive frame of mind.
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The session I made on Making Healthier Choices I intended as a pack to be used individually and also alongside other packs. You will find it in the bundle packs to Control Alcohol, the 30 days Dry, Quit Smoking Essentials Pack and the Ulimate Weight Loss Program. In each case it works differently to inspire you to live a healthier life without alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or food. Your only comfort should be to know that you are fighting fit to live another day and many many more. 
I am Hugh Blakeman your dedicated Hypnotherapist. I am here because I want to make a difference helping you make a difference that benefits you in the right ways. 
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