10 Things To Kill Time Instead Of Smoking

 Smoking is the only widely spread consumer product that when used correctly kills its customer. 

Now really, there are hundreds if not thousands of things you can do, which will be better than smoking. It is true to fact that the moment you spark that first cigarette you are instantly damaging your body in ways you can’t imagine. There are thousands of chemicals in tobacco smoke, especially tailor-made cigarettes you can find in a twenty pack of say Marlboro Light. Over 250 of these chemicals are toxic to our body. They include hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide and ammonia. Out of these 250 chemicals, 69 are known to cause cancer.


However, I don’t think it Is news to us that cigarettes are harmful to us is it?!…


I’m sure most smokers if given the chance wish they’d never started. The reason for this being is because cigarettes include a substance called nicotine, which is heavily addictive. At an instant it is relaxing and seems to relieve stress. However, you should be aware that it also induces more long-lasting feelings of stress and anxiety as well. In effect, it is what influences you to spark up another cigarette. So, the vicious circle starts and goes as it follows in eternal roundabouts. This is similar with most addictions and it really never ends well. There will come a day where you will steer away from that roundabout and reach a dead end. What you need to do is take control of the steering wheel, which is your life, health and wellbeing too.


Take control and make a change for the better. I know it isn’t easy to say no when you find yourself reaching for the cigarette packet without even realizing. Then the thought sparks your desire, which is what takes control of your thoughts each time. Not only that but after following a regular pattern or habit, should I say, your mind and body reacts accordingly. Most of us naturally lead our lives by routine. This routine might be anything from having a cup of coffee in the morning to reading your book before bed. However, when it comes to smoking it is the prime reason for why we find it so hard to kick this habit. Most people will have their times or occasions for smoking: in the morning with coffee, with an alcoholic drink, or two or on your work break.


What Is the Best Way To Quit Smoking? 


It is hard to say what the best way of quitting smoking is. There are many remedies to stop including medication, alternative methods like vaping or e-cigarettes…


However, all these ways have their secondary effects, which can also be considered unhealthy. One of the best ways and more so, healthy ways to quit smoking is hypnotherapy. With our self-hypnotherapy audios we relax you into a state of hypnosis where you are completely unaware of what is around you. You will not feel the need to smoke a cigarette or get up, you will simply rest in a meditated sleep. During this time I breakdown all the reasons why you smoke and one by one I eliminate them and gradually you will feel less need to smoke. 


Hypnosis is successful at targeting the pinpoint that tempts you to want a cigarette. It will find the reason behind your addiction and it will try and reverse the thought process that keeps drawing you back to it for comfort. All addictions lay hidden deep in subconscious often untreated because most people are unaware of the methods to treat it. Hypnotherapy is a 100% guaranteed successful therapy at finding, treating and eliminating an addiction for your subconscious thoughts. These thoughts that control you more than you think, even though you are never consciously in control of it. This misconception leads us to think there is no way out from addiction. They are the triggers to what influences you to reach for that cigarette. Some people can smoke all their lives and then reap the health consequences and hospital bills when the body take any more nasty toxins. 


I am here to offer you a way out, an escape from the bind that seals you to that cellophane wrapper enclosing a box of 20 deadly sticks. I want you to guide you to break that routine and fight those trigger you think control you. One thing to remember is that nothing controls you, but you. That cigarette packet is not a keep-safe or a relief, it is a death sentence that you sign yourself up for every time you take a drag. 


Yet, even though most people know this - it probably doesn’t cure anything because words are just words on paper. Hypnosis on the other hand, are words more carefully used. It involves transmitting the right information to the right place in your brain. I can assure you it will have the effect you’re looking for. We have a variety of different options of self-hypnotherapy to quit smoking - there is the individual quit smoking pack you can find following this link. 


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Then the Quit Smoking Essentials Pack, which is a bundle pack of multiple hypnotherapy sessions designed to be used together methodically towers harder at quitting. You can find the link this here. This pack includes a helpful instruction workbook, as well as interactive material like a ‘trigger log’ where you list what triggers you to smoke. This can include a cup of coffee, work break, etc. Then there is also the Quitting by Hours timetable that plans out your day on an hourly, then weekly basis to see your smoking cut down. It also shows you what hours you smoke the most. In the Stop Smoking Journal it suggests that you fill up these hours with something to do.


 So then, what do you do?….


10 Things You Can Do Rather Than Smoking 


Well I thought I might list some ideas of to things you could do to fill up your time. Now I know they might not all be for everyone. Not everyone is in to reading a book or running. That is why I’m going to give a little variety. So if you’re at a loss what to do and you feel your hand reach out for that treacherous cigarette pack. Well, don’t!! You can instead do one of the following:


1. Read a book or magazine - There is so much choice of things to read, more than ever! New books are released daily and the storylines only get more juicer! If you’re slipped for cash, you can find loads of classics second hand at next to nothing sometimes even free. It’s more accessible than ever if you have a tablet or kindle you can sign up and get books at discounted prices with the click of a button. Then if books aren’t your thing try out a magazine or two. There’s lots of choice her too: fashion, interior design, documentary, gardening and more. 


2. Gardening -  This is a great hobby to take up and really economical. Make your garden and home look pretty and inviting by indulging in some gardening. Hours can be spent tending to your precious plants and don’t forget your breathing fresh air. So, certainly better than smoking! 


3. Take up a sport or fitness class - Another healthy way to keep your body fit, but also a encourage a better cardiovascular and respiratory system is finding a sport you enjoy. This is important to heal your body after so many years smoking. So, it will have more than one benefit and not just to pass the time. 


4. Join the Gym - If you are lost of ideas for a hobby or sport you might be interested in you can join the gym. This is a great way to meet people too, but also keep fit and give your body the physical boost it needs. 

Smoking? We Can Help You Quit 

5. Work - Sometimes our job and taking on more workload will provide us with the mental distraction we need to keep our mind off the idea of having a cigarette. It is a necessity, therefore, it implies a psychology that we must fulfill it and we will steer our thoughts away from smoking without a doubt. At the same time we will earn golden stars if we take on more work with such enthusiasm. 


5. Take a walk - If we are sat there and bored. It is difficult not to think about smoking, no matter how much therapy sometimes. When you find your mind steering in the wrong direction sometimes it’s good to just put our jacket on and take a walk outside. It can be a short walk or a long walk. You may even want to take a walk out into the country or though woodland and take in some of natures scenic environment. When we do this, it’s almost like a kind of natural meditation. We become at one with our natural environment and you switch off from the material world. Then, you will find that your mind naturally forgets about material things including cigarettes. 


6. Paint, Draw or Colour - You don’t need to be the best artist. In fact, perfection has only ever come with practice. It is surprising how meditating drawing or painting can be. However, if you really don’t see yourself painting. There are some great coloring books for adults that will take hours of your time away and completely eliminate a thought for you to smoke. For example, the mandala meditation coloring books, they are called it for a reason because they do take your mind off things. So, get yourself to the nearest stationaries and buy yourself some coloring books and pencils. Keep these separate to the children’s, if you have them - because yours a special!


7. Switch on the Television / Movie time!- Another great distraction at the click of the button is the television. It is an arms away and much better than a cigarette. You can find something funny, dramatic, reality tv though annoying is intriguing at the same time - you can spend hours of time engrossed without thinking about smoking. Then if there is nothing you find interesting, find yourself a series or movie on Netflix! Anything to keep your mind at bay. 


8. Make A Snack - Often smokers will confuse the feeling of hunger for the need to have a cigarette. You find that their appetite is much lower. However, when you stop smoking there is no harm making yourself the odd snack every now and then to curb the need to have a cigarette. On the other hand, watch that you don’t eat to many sweet products where you may develop an addiction to sugar and binge-eating instead. 


9. Meditation - One of the most relaxing remedies, which will also relieve some of that tension. This is good in the early stages when you give up smoking because you feel they are very strong. There are lots of different ways to mediate. You can practice yoga, or any kind of hobby like painting. Then there is mindfulness meditation where you pick a spot, a quiet one in a spot outdoors surrounded by nature (by the sea, meadow, field, wood.. anywhere!) and sit relieving all thoughts from your mind. It is best to close your eyes and listen to the quiet sounds of nature, then try and take out every thought apart from what you hear around you. You will see how rejuvenated your mind feels after and how calm too. 


10.  Stay away from the Tobacco Stall - First comes first, if you don’t go near where your temptation lies, then you’re not tempted to buy it. If you don’t buy it, then you won’t have it at home staring you in the face saying ‘smoke me’ - ‘it’s fine, you’ll feel loads better after.’ The thing is you won’t! It might be a momentary high, a relief that lasts for seconds till your coughing back up the smoke and your body’s taken another hit of deadly toxins. I suggest you stay away from the Tobacco stall and you won’t have the temptation in front of you whilst your trying to give up. Try and switch off and think of something else, go to the magazine stall or the section of coloring books, snack bar, sports section to buy some new trainers for the gym. Anywhere, but there! It’s way too expensive anyway - think what you could buy at the end of the month or at the end of year without that weekly budget on your head eating away at your finances, and your body. 


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Take that chance of a lifetime and break away from the tie you have to the pack of 20 at the bottom of your bag or inside your jeans pocket. Find freedom in other things that can pass your time a much healthier way. It’s time to find a new release, so follow this link to find out how. 


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