How Can I Quit Smoking Quickly?

From the well-known health risks to the stale cigarette smell that covers your clothes, there’s no shortage of reasons to want to quit smoking.

Unfortunately, as the 6.9 million smokers in the UK will tell you, this particular habit can be hard to kick! Try as you might, the addictive nature of nicotine keeps pulling you back for more.

Tobacco Cessation

Do you want some tried and tested tips to help you quit smoking once and for all? Let us help! Keep reading to discover some proven strategies for ditching those pesky cigarettes fast.

Try Nicotine Replacement

It’s worth remembering that you aren’t addicted to smoking, per se. You’re addicted to the nicotine that provides those pleasant feelings of relief in stressful situations.

The result? Finding alternative ways to get a nicotine hit will make it much easier to resist the urge to light a cigarette.

Consider speaking to your GP about nicotine replacement therapy. From prescription nasal sprays to nicotine inhalers, there are various options to try. Over-the-counter solutions (such as nicotine patches or gum) could also work. 

Avoid Danger Zones

When you first stop smoking, your mind’s going to look for any excuse to light up. That’s why it’s important to identify and avoid situations (such as the pub or while drinking your morning coffee) where you’re accustomed to smoking!

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By purposefully staying away from these situations and/or having a plan in place to do things differently, you can stop potential triggers from causing a relapse. Entertain friends at home, hold a pen to occupy your fingers, and so on.

Distract Yourself

Distractions are an invaluable short-term solution for resisting the cravings that are sure to occur. By finding something else to focus on, you take your mind off the impulse to smoke! It’s simple but effective.

How you distract yourself is up to you, but one widely-recommended option is exercise. Whether you go for a walk, do some push-ups, or run up the stairs, it can be an excellent distraction with added physical health benefits. Failing that, try writing in a journal, doing some chores, or playing with the dog- anything that takes your mind off the cigarettes!

Experiment with Self-Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is another tried-and-tested technique for quitting smoking quickly. By entering a self-induced hypnotic state, you become more amenable to change, motivated, and empowered. Giving up the habit becomes easier in the process.

Don’t worry, the reality of hypnosis isn’t like what you see in the movies! It isn’t magic. You’re simply in a state of deep relaxation- usually achieved through visualization and breathing exercises.

Once you’re in this tranquil, focused state, you listen to and/or repeat to yourself relevant phrases and affirmations on smoking cessation. This audio hypnosis helps to reprogram your subconscious mind and, before long, you end up thinking, feeling, and acting like a non-smoker.

If you’re interested, our stop smoking audio hypnosis recordings are on sale now.

Time to Quit Smoking for Good

Millions of people in the UK continue to spend their hard-earned money on cigarettes that harm their minds and bodies. Thankfully, there are now countless effective resources and strategies available for anyone who wants to quit!

With any luck, the insights in this article will help in that regard. Keep them in mind, and you should be one step closer to kicking the habit fast.

Want to learn more about the benefits of self-hypnosis for this endeavour? Click here to read about a mum who used it to find freedom from both smoking and anxiety.

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