Hypnosis Is The Key To Help You Reduce Your Sugar Intake

 For many of us, we are only discovering now that sugar is an issue in our diet. However, an even bigger issue upon us is that sugar completely controls our brain. In actual fact, it could be that sugar was the first addiction that ever formed in our minds. Now let’s put that fact to the test, shall we?


It is fact that most of us, if not all of us given the chance, have an addictive nature. However, we want to ask ourselves, again, why is that?…


It’s almost like the chicken and the egg theory, where we ask — what came first?


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We still don’t know the answer to that question. However, when it comes to the innocent white sweetener, then it’s probably fair to say that sugar was our first addiction. This is because our body already produces sugar, which in its scientific form is called glucose. Everything that passes our lips in the form of food or drink may taste differently to us. However, once it has traveled past our taste buds then our body turns everything into one thing - natural sugar. 


So when our body already has a taste for sugar. And then, when we eat more of it — we are actually eating it in excess because our body doesn’t need it. 


“The food nobody needs, but everyone craves”  (P. Langton, Physiology Professor) 


The question is: why do we crave it?…


Well, the answer to this question lies deep engrained in our brain. It bathes beneath our subconscious thoughts. They are the thoughts that we are not in control of. However, they do, in fact, take control of us. Especially, if we feed them with enough fuel for thought. In other words, we feed them enough sugar to become addicted. 


That is why hypnotherapy has been proven to be really effective at overcoming addictions, like a reliance on sugar. Hypnotherapy works as a treatment to your subconscious, which you find so hard to tap into because you’re always working your conscious mind on overdrive. Daily demands like work, kids, relationships or even just an improvised crisis often means that we don’t get the time to work on our subconscious thoughts. Therefore, self-hypnotherapy is one of the most effective ways of treating problems like addictions that try and worm their way to attempt to cease our subconscious mind’s control.


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And today I’m going to explain to you all why that is…


Where The Addiction Stems From


Most of us will not believe that we have an addiction to something. It comes as a characteristic of being an addict, especially at the primal or former stages. However, for many it can reside throughout their entire lives. In other words, someone might chose to stay in denial that they are addicted to something like sugar or alcohol. Then again, in some cases, addiction will also play the part of an active force, such as sex or gambling. All these experiences have one thing in common, or things, should I say. 


These things, which can only be described as little demons controlling our brain, are called endorphins. Endorphins are a chemical of multiple hormones that our brain releases to make us feel better. However, they also play tricks on our mind too. Only, because we don’t understand why they’re there. They are our natural receptors, which signal to us when we are in pain. However, they are also intended to relieve the pain, as well. That is why we give them another name, called adrenaline. However, our mind gets confused with this idea of pain at times. 


The Chemistry of Depression - Neurotransmitters and More



Instead, of taking the time to listen to our pain signals and treat them in the right way, we look for a momentary relief. One that can trigger more ‘happy’ signals, which our endorphins evoke. So therefore, they can stop the pain as quickly and care-free as possible. This is where we turn to momentary stigmatic substances like sugar, to relax us. Unfortunately, our opportunistic points of view allow us to believe we have “our whole lives ahead os us,” which is not true.  


In my last blog I talked about The Physical Benefits of Reducing Sugar Consumption, which enlightened some of you to ways that sugar can affect our body negatively with prolonged consumption over time. As a result, not only do we put weight on more easily, but we are faced with the destiny of terminal disease brought on by an inevitable prognosis of diabetes type-2. I will explain more about this in my upcoming blog titled Oh No! What Sugar Does To Our Body, where I explore properly the negative effects that sugar has on our health. 


What I am focusing on today is how and why hypnotherapy, which is the method of hypnosis, is effective at helping us reduce our sugar intake. As well as, overcome your addiction to sugar. However, before that, it is important you understand one thing. That you do, in fact, have an addiction to sugar. 


Is Sugar as Addictive as Heroin? - FoodCoach NYC

Admission Is The First Step


In order, to admit to yourself about finding a solution to your addiction. You also have to admit you have a problem to admit. 


Now then, I am probably confusing you here, aren’t I? Or is it my language that is confusing you?


I would imagine it to be so. Language imports more confusion to the matter altogether. Yet really, at the end of the day, it is our body that matters. However, our minds lead us to think otherwise. That mass of misguided intelligence, which serves its purpose only to lead us in the wrong direction a lot of the time. Therefore, when our mind tells our body it craves something, as a way to relief stress, or otherwise emotional pain. We follow our emotional stimuli that asks us to feed it something happy like sugar. What it doesn’t realize is that overtime — we will, in fact, intoxicate ourselves with sugar. And this will create an everlasting pain, which overrides any sort of pain we feel in the moment when we are upset, feeding our cravings. Only because it could make you terminally ill. 


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That is why it is essential that you make that sudden break to take control of those deadly cravings. I know this is easier said than done. Even though our habits are trapped in our subconscious mind. We are controlled by the present, which is our conscious mind. We may think that the two are connected, which they are. However, they are also miles apart and the whole system of neurons, receptors and hormones complicates things even more. This is where we become misguided by our own mind.  Very often there is complete miscommunication between our conscious and subconscious minds. This is when the real problems start arising, one such as an addiction or a negative thought, or both. The two love to play each other off, which is tragic because then the mind is consumed with negative thoughts and absolute sorrow. 


Not to worry, there is a bright side to every dark corner. I am switching that light back on in the “oh so distant, house upon the hill.” That house, which you should be calling home. The home where you should put all your worries to rest. That home, which is your mind and should also be your comfort zone. You should have no doubts apart from that, which surrounds you. In other words, you need to be 101% sure of yourself -  you want to love yourself, be proud of yourself and also look after your physical self. You certainly do not want to be abusing your body and mind with substances that make you more and more sick over time. 


Following Your Journey With Hypnosis 


I suggest you take a walk with me, back up that steep hill to the house where the light is still glowing, ever so brightly. Take hold my hand and I will explain to you just how effective hypnosis is at helping you take control of your sugar cravings. In fact, we’re going to take those sugar cravings, which consume your mind completely. We’re going to take them, along with all those negative thoughts and memories that have kept you from moving on from your past. Then with those far distant memories that stand in your way because they are still weighing you down. You have found that as the problems arise, you just can’t seem to get over them. It only gets harder and harder to do so, which is why you keep turning to that deadly sweet cabinet every time something goes wrong.


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Well we are going to take those problems and those sad memories that come with the sugar cravings. We’re going load them into a big red bag and we’re going bury them far away from sight. However, before we do that — we also have to address them properly. Otherwise, you are going to unintentionally dig that bag up again by mistake. And you don’t want to keep finding yourself face to face with that red bag of negative thoughts, which daunts you all the time. 


That is where hypnosis can work miracles. It is an active communication of therapeutic thoughts to your subconscious mind. That place, which we know so little about, but still controls 96% of our brain power. Most people don’t know how to tap into their subconscious mind, so they go their whole lives suffering in silence. Although, you should know that it does not go unnoticed. Instead, after a while, if we consume too many sugary snacks — it will start to show noticeably. We go up a dress size, our skin looks unhealthy and every time we binge out on sweets, we become sad and depressed. 


It’s Time To Make A Change 


That is why it is time to make a positive change in your life and allow hypnotherapy to address and work at those problems that you have been keeping at bay. It does this with a methodic technique, talking you calmly into a meditated trance. This trance like state is necessary, in order to block out all the background noise from your conscious mind, which is always on overdrive in this modern world we live in. It is hard sometimes, especially when adult life can be so demanding and there’s little glory that comes with it. Well, hypnotherapy helps to see past that. It allows us to stop and address what lies buried underneath it all. We can only alleviate what is on top, when we lift those worries from below. They are what keep you stuck down in the sinking sand. 


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So then you find that when your head becomes enveloped in all the mess, instead of rising to the challenge —it prefers to stay buried in that sinking sand. This is a very dangerous way of thinking, yet it affects the majority of us adults today. So many of us would rather turn to a drink, a drug or a bar of chocolate as a way of tackling our fears and problems. However, it is not the answer. So, don’t let your pain receptors get the better of you. Never forget that those pain receptors are communicating the wrong message to you. Listen to your body tell you there is something wrong, but don’t in turn against it and damage it as a way of relieving that pain. Your body is a precious thing and so is your mind. Hypnosis can help you discover that again by teaching you to address the right problems in the right way. It will help you see things more clearly, allowing your mind to recognize what it is doing and why it is doing it that way. It allows your voice of reason to take the front stage, rather than be kept in the shadows where our chemical demons play tricks on us. 


How hypnosis works to free your mind


Hypnotherapy works as a coping mechanism to help you in moments of stress or inconvenience. Just like sugar it works in alliance with your subconscious thoughts, but in a healthy way. You will not put weight on or eventually suffer from Diabetes Type 2. Instead, it will help you lose weight and live much longer, and happier. It does this through a guided process of repetition and verbal cues, which are necessary in curing those thoughts that make up your self-destructive beliefs. There is that belief at the moment that you can’t carry on without a little sugary taste to sweeten the moment. However, you are wrong. You need to change that belief. One of the only ways you can change that belief is with hypnotherapy. 




However, I can also understand what many of you might be thinking right now…


“Yes, but that’s impossible. I don’t have the time or the money to afford a session with a hypnotherapist. And what if I don’t feel comfortable in the presence of one, especially if he’s going to study my mind!”


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These are issues that so many people have with the idea of being treated under hypnosis. However, I have the answer to this. I provide you the opportunity to take control even more. Our self-hypnotherapy audio sessions are designed to allow you a chance to experience this mental miracle on yourself. Not only is self-hypnotherapy more affordable than ever, it is also more accessible. With just the click of a button you can download our “Take Control of Sugar Hypnotherapy” audio. 


You can listen to it in the comfort of your home with the lights dimmed down low. Simply, find a spot where you can relax and switch off. Allow my voice to take you on the most important journey of your life. One that is healing and not harmful. One that allows you to see sense in everything, “pull the wool from over your eyes” and allow you to see what really matters. And what really matters is you because you don’t need sugar anymore, you’re sweet enough as it is!

If you are looking at reducing your Sugar consumption Click here to learn more about how Clear Minds Hypnotherapy can help you.  


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* M. Horton, “A History of sugar — the food nobody needs but everyone craves,” The Conversation (2015) https://theconversation.com/a-history-of-sugar-the-food-nobody-needs-but-everyone-craves-49823

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