All this time I believed my anxiety was related to me identifying as genderqueer, it was an obvious answer, it turns out it was just a dependance to alcohol.

"Alcohol-induced anxiety can last for several hours or days after drinking"

After receiving a review from Tobias we decided to reach out to him to learn more about his experience with anxiety and alcohol. He was happy for us to share his experience as he felt it will help others in situations like his.
"Hello, My name is Tobias and I have seen you have a package for helping people reduce their anxiety. I am a trans man and often have large bouts of anxiety related to social situations. It has gotten worse than it was in previous years and I have a huge level of anxiety when going to public places and social gatherings as people can often say things or act in ways that honestly just anger me.
Do you think your package will help me with this?
I replied to Tobias asking a few questions as I believed his anxiety fell into a different category. My concern was that in order to overcome his social anxiety he was drinking, otherwise know as "dutch courage" or simply having a drink to be a little more numb and relaxed about the potential negative social interactions.
After speaking with Tobias, he agreed that it would make sense that his anxiety could potentially be related to a dependance to alcohol as he would frequently drink before going to out to meet friends or any functions with work.
I also explained that it was a very normal disorder and that around 20% of people that suffer from anxiety, suffer from alcohol dependance.
Tobias decided he was not going to change his drinking habits forever but agreed to change them for a small period of time in order to see if it helped with his anxiety. I sent him our "Control Alcohol Consumption Essentials Package" and asked him to check back with me anytime and also after 21 days. This was his response.
"OMG, What a difference! All this time I believed my anxiety was related to me identifying as genderqueer, it was an obvious answer, it turns out it was just a dependance to alcohol. THANK YOU!
You do not know what this means to me, it has been so long I have been struggling with my anxiety ever since I started to make my transition. When I was a child I did not suffer from the same levels of anxiety and I believed it was due to the fact at that age nobody knew about my dysphoria and I did not have the language or ability to explain what I was thinking. However looking back even with what I was going through I was still a confident person and it all changed when I hit my older teens and started drinking.
I truly can not thank you enough, you have been understanding and I appreciate the time you have given me to understand what was the cause of my anxiety and then help me overcome my dependance to alcohol. I am going to recommend your therapy sessions to everyone I meet as I can not believe how well they worked for me. Thank you for the new session I am using it also and it has had a massive effect. I know I said I would not go sober for long periods of time and I do stand by that however I still haven't drank for almost a month and quite honestly I really do not want a drink. If the time comes that I do I am sure I will have the tools to deal with the situation and the days following. "
From all of us here at Clear Minds we would like to take the opportunity to thank Tobias for his lovely review and kinds words and let him know that it people like him that make us do what we do.
If you would like to see what happens when you give your body and mind a break from alcohol you can download the same package (including the new extra audio therapy) from our website. Just click the link below to learn more and get started today. 💜

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