"And Just Like That, I Finally Put Down My Last Cigarette"

"This was undoubtedly one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and my family. I had smoked for 13 years and had tried to quit on my own… numerous times. I was hopeful but not terribly confident that hypnotherapy would work for me and to my shock, oh boy, did it work instantly! 

So here's a little bit about me, my name is Daniel and I was born in Sheffield, UK. I am now 33 years old. I started smoking at the age of 20 when I was a student in university studying to be a doctor. With all he exams, seminars and studying I felt like I needed something to relax me. Although hypocritical because I was trying to become a doctor, after one puff of a cigarette from my mate I was instantly hooked. From what was a harmless try became a habit I just couldn't kick. 

After a while, it came noticeable that there was a problem. I was smoking two packets a day to try and mask the stress of studying. Eventually my family and friends would comment that I smoke too much or that my clothes smell awful but at that moment in time I just didn't care. If I was down at the pub I would have to constantly remove myself from a conversation with friends just so I could go and have two cigarettes in a row. The habit continued for another few years like this until I met someone. She would always comment about my breathe and how she didn't like the smell of smoke on me. So I attempted to quit with using gum and patches, in the first two weeks everything seemed good, I was smoking a few cigarettes less and less each day, I was hopeful. Then, the end of year exams came and I crumbled. I felt like a failure which in turn made the cravings even more strong than I was before I started the gum and patches. I knew I had a problem. After my relationship failed I dived into student night life, studying and making sure I got my PHD. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I was more stressed than ever as I was assigned to be a frontline worker for the NHS in the local walk-in centre. Long hours, too much caffeine and anxiety had gotten to me over the two years and I was smoking between 45-50 cigarettes per day. Around February 2022, I noticed I was really out of breath going up the stairs one day at work, when I got to the top I collapsed. This was my body telling me I need to prioritise my health and finally quit the habit.

I was understandably anxious about giving up, I had done it for such a long time and considered it my stress relief. I had also tried and failed many times before. My friend from university was telling me about how she has been using hypnosis for her binge eating issue and how it had worked for her almost instantly, she had lost 10lbs and gained control of what she eats. I was amazed, skeptical but amazed. I thought, maybe, just maybe this could work for me if I really wanted to stop smoking so I asked her who she used and she sent me the link to the ClearMinds website. I purchased the stop smoking essentials package and started listening to it right away that same night, and just like that, I finally put down my last cigarette. The taste became awful to me and I wanted to hyper-focus on my health from then on. I can never remember a great deal of the process or what is said because I am in such a relaxed state but magically here I am, 5 weeks later and smoke free. If you are considering stopping, I highly recommend ClearMinds, it’s been, effortless and life changing. 

Massive thank you to ClearMinds and the customer service team, I couldn't be more impressed and grateful. 




If you would like to make that ultimate change towards a better and happier life like Daniel then follow this link:


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