Freedom from Smoking and Anxiety at Last

Freedom from Smoking and Anxiety at Last
The Story of a proud mum and her hypnosis journey 

This is Joanne, a 34 year-old proud mum of two from Manchester who first contacted me back in 2018 to help her quit smoking. She had smoked for the best part of 15 years and said she always knew in her head she would stop one day, she just did not know when. She went on to tell me she knows about the health risks and does plan to stop smoking when the time is right.


After settling down with her now ex-husband she explained how like everyone else, she stopped going out as she nested at home with her partner, and as she stopped going out she also stopped smoking. She explained how after a few drinks she would still crave cigarettes, however as she did not buy them she simply wouldn't smoke.

I asked her how she found herself smoking again. Like many people she explained how it was a stressful situation that prompted her to start. I found it interesting that at a time when she was stressed and upset she turned to something she knew was bad for her and was in no way beneficial for her health.


So at the moment when Joanne felt sad or stressed her subconscious mind told her to take a trip down memory lane and relax. Her conscious mind at the time will have known it was bad but the subconscious feelings always far outweigh your conscious thoughts.

After understanding the start of smoking for Joanne, I asked her what it was that made her smoke on a daily basis.


At this point Joanne told me she can now see why she started and why she did not see smoking as a huge negative in her mind. As she was becoming single again and sometimes feeling lonely or unsure of the situation, she turned to the one thing that made her subconscious mind feel youthful and relaxed.

At 42 Joanne had decided that health was more important than anything. She had children to look after as well as herself, and she also wanted to feel and look young so she could move on with her life.

After a few more conversations on the phone with her I put together a hypnotherapy audio that targets the subconscious mind. It breaks down any subconscious connections people have towards smoking, and it is built to remove cravings from your mind and leave you with a clean slate, feeling like you have never smoked.

Your subconscious mind controls around 90% of your decision-making and this is why the only real way to make lasting change in any part of your life is to target the subconscious.


"Hugh, you I cannot thank you enough. I listened to the audio twice this week and I feel like a different person. It is like a switch has been turned off in my head. I haven't smoked once but not only have I not smoked, I have not wanted to, even when around other smokers. I cannot thank you enough. You are also right about my anxiety - after quitting smoking and listening to your audio my anxiety feels almost non-existent.

Best Regards,


If you want to get the audio that helped Joanne and thousands other quit smoking for good then please visit our quit smoking audio available on our hypnotherapy audios page.


  • I really want quit smoking

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  • I would be so grateful to get the audio message and quit smoking. God bless you as you help me quit

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  • I can you please help me with some tips on how to stop smoking…. And your information is very clear…

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