“I’ve suffered with anxiety since I can remember. I’ve found ways of dealing with it over the years, but I’m gutted I still feel controlled by it… Is there anything you can do to help me?”

“I’ve suffered with anxiety since I can remember. I’ve found ways of dealing with it over the years, but I’m gutted I still feel controlled by it… Is there anything you can do to help me?”


Last year we were contacted by Richard (32) who works for a technical repairs company in Manchester. Richard was extremely concerned that he was not getting the best out of life or his job because he suffered badly with anxiety. Although he had been moved up to manager due to his incredible expertise, his ability to direct his team of staff was affected by uncontrollable nerves and anxiety attacks.. During the meetings he held and interviews he had with new clients, he would have to prepare himself mentally hours sometimes days before. Even then, he was unable to control the physical signs of anxiety like shaking and stuttering. No matter what mechanisms you have for disguising your symptoms, they are usually very visible and impossible to hide. How was it possible that Richard was going to win over the respect and trust of his staff if he couldn’t hold a straight hand, let alone a straight face?


Although Richard had found ways to cope with anxiety he didn’t just want to deal with it, he wanted it dealt with. We advised him to try out our specialized hypnotherapy for anxiety. We started him with the individual pack to Eliminate Anxiety. It is recorded by Sophie, who is one of our expert hypnotherapists on the team here at Clear Minds. Her field of expertise is anxiety and her audio therapy is really special with amazing results. We also have a more intensive pack available, which includes seven audio sessions meant to be used in conjunction with each other to work harder at overcoming anxiety and ensure long-lasting  results. 


We upgraded Richard to this after the first week because it includes further sessions that help overcome panic attacks, as well as stress relief. Then there are some additional guided meditations, which are a great way to start the day. They are a little shorter and a great easy-listen. To get the best results we have included a helpful journal workbook, which we have for all our Essential bundle packs. They are great value for money and include multiple audio sessions at a discounted price. Therefore, if you need more help overcoming any issue: anxiety, sleep deprivation, weight loss, alcohol, smoking and more. You can find these amazing bundle packs available as you scroll along the top of our site, as well as on our main product page. 


In Richard’s case the bundle pack for anxiety called the Anxiety Melting Essentials pack gave him the additional relief and treatment he needed to get the results he’d always been hoping to achieve. Here was his story that he sent back to us a few months later:


“Dear Hugh and co, I just have to say a massive thank you for your advice and guidance. Your hypnotherapy audio sessions have done an amazing job. In fact, they have turned my life around. I didn’t think it was ever possible to treat my condition. I’ve suffered with anxiety since I can remember.  I’ve found ways of dealing with it over the years, but I’m gutted I still feel controlled by it. Although, I suffer terribly with anxiety and when I say badly, I mean bad. Yes, I have all the symptoms you might be used to hearing about. I get the shakes, I can’t look people in the eye, I stutter sometimes and I sweat profusely if I have to talk to a group, say in a meeting or whatever. 


Still, aside from this I was promoted to manager in our department for a tech company I’ve been working for nearly 8 years now. I’m good at what I do and I have a lot of expertise, plus I know the company like the back of my hand. If anything goes wrong, anything falls out of place - I can usually spot it and get it fixed in the nick of time. I guess I earn a lot of brownie points for this and my boss trusts me. It’s hard to find someone you can trust and delegate responsibility too. He found that person to be me. I don’t necessarily think so!


I mean yeah, I can solve a problem or two… but I couldn’t hold a single sentence with someone without stuttering or stammering. I would get up to a crowd of co-workers with sweaty palms, shaking  and sometimes I could barely breath or look people in the eye. I realize I’m not the only one who suffers with anxiety, but I found myself holding such a big position. I also saw that I was lacking something vital to make it work properly. My boss is a patient guy, but he also has a business to run. On more than one occasion I had to cancel an important meeting because I couldn't cope with the stress or anxiety it raised leading up to it. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what I would do during the meeting. Therefore, I wouldn’t even make it there, instead I chickened out. I guess that’s what you could have called me, a chicken!


I’m lucky my boss and co-workers were so understanding but it was reaching a point where I needed to make that vital decision. I wouldn’t be able to keep my position for much longer if I couldn’t even hold a meeting or direct a group of 10 people. How was I going to manage a whole department?…


I know that my boss had started to second think about his decision, I saw it in his eyes. Sometimes, I would think- ‘Oh well, at least then I might be able to go back to my quiet job doing what I did before!’ Then again, my other side told me - ‘No Richard! Get a grip of yourself, you have a once in a lifetime opportunity here. Summit that millions of people would wish for and you’re letting it go because of your condition. This thing that you’ve let control you for so long. Don’t you think it’s about time you did something about it?!’…


So, that’s exactly what I did, I did something about it and I contacted you guys. I had heard about you from one of my co-workers, Lizzie. She bought a pack related to anxiety for her son a little while back. She said it really helped him, plus you were really helpful to her and gave her some great advice, which she passed onto him, so he could get optimum results. I honestly thought I was a lost cause, but I got in touch anyway. I have to say your customer service is second to none. I have taken some great tips from you because from the moment I contacted you till the day I finished and even after that you have been attentive and given me the best advice. You have reassured me along the way and it has really helped I think. The first hypnotherapy you sent me was a great start and you were kind enough to send me a bonus audio when I contacted you asking for some advice on how and when to listen to it. You suggested I listen at night, which I did with the bonus audio on Deep Relaxation. I found it so relaxing, I fell asleep with them some nights. This was really amazing as I often find it hard to get to sleep. Especially if I’ve been up late working overtime at home. 


After a week, I started to feel loads better. I was more confident talking with people at work. The sentences started coming out clearer and I didn’t hesitate as much looking people in the eye and giving them direction. In fact, the sudden results that started taking place but still showed day by day gradually more and more were incredible. It blew me away, as well as my co-workers and bosses. Really, I have been so lucky, they have been so supportive throughout all of this. Lizzie took me aside a few days after my first meeting after listening to the audios. She had tears in her eyes and she mentioned how proud she was of me, how I reminded her of her son. I felt slightly awkward at the time, but looking back on it now - I’m touched. In a way, hearing that Lizzie’s son suffered with anxiety allowed me to recognize I wasn’t the only one. 


After the first week listening to these two audios, I felt I needed a bit more help though. We had a big client coming for the first time to meet the managers and have a tour of the building. This was major for the future of our company. I couldn’t mess it up, not in a million years! My boss had asked me leading up to it if I was okay to do it because it was a really big opportunity. He didn’t mean it in a bad way, but like I said before - his business came first and he had to make decisions based on its success and success only. Any potential threat, like me messing up an induction day in front of them, would be lethal to our reputation let alone getting their trust for future investment. So, I got back in touch and instantly you replied offering an upgrade to the Anxiety Melting Pack. You gave me additional advice to listen to the audio sessions, which were really amazing and all looked at different areas that worked wonders altogether in treating my anxiety and it’s pretty much cured it! I mean I have to say, I thought it was too good to be true. But truly, you do make a difference. I have never felt this good in my life. I followed your additional instructions with the audio sessions where I listened to them more intensely to get results quicker and in time for the interview of the century. 


The day came and went and I aced it with five stars! It turns out the owner also suffered from anxiety when he was younger and we related our stories without too much depth to them. Then, I went on to direct one of the best meetings that the company had seen with the whole team whopping and clapping at the end, tears were shed and it was really emotional. I usually hated moments like this and ran a mile, but I breathed it all in and enjoyed every second it was so surreal. I never thought I would experience such good feelings in moments like this. I watched popular kids at school reap the attention and love every minute of it. I used to sit in the corner pretending to hate it, but deep down I wished that were me some day. I know that sounds cheesy as hell, which isn’t me either. Hell, I guess I’m a changed man and it’s all down to you guys! Thanks again, you should really be proud of everything you’re doing. I will recommend you to everyone I know. Hugh, you’re an absolute legend!”


If you suffer from anxiety, however, badly - please get in touch with us. We can offer you the right treatment to get you on the path to a life with more success and potential. Say goodbye to the shakes, the stammers and headaches. Say hello, to a new life and a new you. One that doesn’t fear what life has to throw at you. Take each opportunity in your stride and you will build a stronger mind. Try out our hypnotherapy to help eliminate anxiety today. You will have results in days. You must try it - to believe it!

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