I want to be able to go out and have fun without the need to get drunk, is that even possible?!... please help” 

“Drinking is my life… No matter what I do - it usually involves having a drink in my hand! I love going out and having a good time, but I feel like alcohol has taken control of my life completely. I want to be able to go out and have fun without the need to get drunk, is that even possible?!... please help” 


Emma Knowles (38) is a hairdresser and lives in Bristol. She contacted us because she was desperate to take control of her drinking habit that she felt was getting out of control. It is easy for people to slip into this pattern. Whether you are a mother of two or single - looking for love. There’s always a good reason to easily slip into a regular routine drinking. 

It is important to break that routine. Emma had built a blind tolerance to alcohol and a habit of drinking regularly, and way too much. So, we recommended that she try our successful hypnotherapy pack, which is designed to reduce and control her alcohol intake.

Emma was happy for us to share her reply to us 3 weeks later:

“I’m amazed to say this actually works!! I was a bit skeptical to start with but you reassured me this would be the best option for me to control my drinking and I am happy to say, you were right. You were even kind enough to send me a sample, which I have to say was really relaxing. It gave me that added confidence that this might actually work. 

I live in a small village just outside Bristol city centre. Most days I can’t wait to go to work and see my lovely clients. Honestly, I’m not just saying it, I really enjoy putting a smile on their face as they walk out the door with new hair. Then, my second passion is to PARTY !!!

From a young age, I was out drinking at house parties, park benches and even bars sometimes if we weren’t asked for ID. My parents are laid back and trusted I was sensible. Although, I hate I wasn’t always! 

 Then, into my studies I did really well, but I was still out drinking all the time at parties. Then there were the yearly holidays to Ibiza, regular weekends away with friends, every Friday night at our favorite local with the girls from work… Saturday brunch lunch with a few beers!

I can’t imagine a time when I haven’t had a drink in my hand, unless it’s a pair of scissors. It reached a point that my energy levels weren’t the same anymore. Especially after a night drinking, which was starting to be nearly every night. I wanted to keep my drinking habit on the low, but I think my friends and work colleagues were starting to notice. I mean there’s no getting rid of the smell that lingers after a heavy night drinking, is there?!… I realized it was time to make or break it!!

I had noticed the Clear Minds ads kept popping up on my news feed. Although, I was a bit skeptical - after sending me a sample they recommended me the Take Control of alcohol pack (I was surprised to hear from Hugh himself!) 

So, I thought what have I got to lose?… Absolutely, nothing! I wanted to take back control it seemed to fit perfectly! 

After just a few days I started feeling the effects. I felt more relaxed and I wasn’t feeling the need to have a drink on a work night. I didn’t always catch everything that was said. I was gone on the count of one and I woke back up towards the end of the audio. Only once did I catch some of what was said in the hypnosis part because I listened a little earlier in the day. 

Whatever it was though - it has worked liked magic! I’ve drank twice this week, once on Friday and again on Sunday when we went for a family lunch. I almost felt obliged to, so I had a glass of white. My brother went to top up my glass and I was gob-smacked I turned it away. I was happy with my one, I wanted to take in all of the afternoon without the blank bits. I didn’t need to feel giddy to have a good time. Sat there with my favorite five people in the world - mum & dad, my brother and his lovely wife. What else could I wish for, certainly not a hangover the next day anyway?! 

Thanks guys - I can’t believe how you’ve truly changed my relationship to alcohol and I’ve never felt better!!!”

If you would like to make that ultimate change towards a better and happier life like Emma then follow this link:

Alcohol does not need to control your life - you do!

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