"My anxiety would make me struggle to even answer the phone at work"

The Story of Sandra, Whose Anxiety is Now a Thing of the Past - A 5-Minute Read.

This is Sandra, a 35 year-old woman from Devon who first contacted me in 2019 when she noticed her anxiety had started to control her day-to-day life.

Together we beat her anxiety and today she lives a much happier and calmer life and has thrived socially ever since. This is how we did it.

From the moment we first spoke I could hear the panic in her voice. After reassuring her that we would get through it together and I would help her lift the weight she feels off her shoulders, she explained some of her day-to-day occurrences that I realised instantly were in line with 90% of the people I have helped.

"It took a long time to notice it but I lost control of how stressed I was getting. I would randomly start crying in the taxi on the way to a party or struggle to answer the phone at work because I was terrified. I felt like I was losing my mind – thoughts were racing constantly and I kept seeing images in my head.

Then one day at work I had my first severe panic attack. Nothing happened, I was just at my desk replying to emails and then suddenly I felt myself losing it. It was like I just couldn’t cope anymore with anything. I didn’t know I was having a panic attack at the time – all I remember is feeling horrific."

I explained to Sandra that this is way more common than she might think and almost everybody suffers with some form of anxiety at some point in their life.


Anxiety is often related to a negative occurrence or situation that has happened at some point in your mind. At times of severe anxiety or during panic attacks it is almost always your subconscious mind that has triggered this feeling. Like a flashbulb memory, something has happened that triggers your subconscious mind into sending you into a downward spiral.

This is why hypnosis is a beautiful thing as it opens up your subconscious mind and helps you make positive lasting changes.

Over the space of around two months I created a therapy and built a self-hypnosis audio that targets the subconscious mind and opens it up to suggestions that reduce the feeling of anxiety until it is almost non-existent.


“Thank you Hugh so much. I cannot explain how much this has helped me. It taught me different techniques and ways in which to cope with what was happening to me – I feel different with the mindfulness and breathing techniques. It is strange as each time I listen to the audio I end up asleep and wake up at the end. Each time I have done it I feel better and so calm.

I am in control of how severe the panic attacks are. I feel less depressed. I also wasn't looking after myself. The amount of alcohol I was consuming every weekend was excessive even if I had been ill during the week. It was self-destructive and not only made me more ill but also caused more emotional and personal problems. Since listening to your therapy I have become more proud of myself. I also feel way more conscious about doing things for myself that will benefit me rather than be bad for me.

My self-esteem and confidence have completely improved as a result. I am going to listen to the audio once a week on the weekends to keep myself feeling like I do. I am so grateful. I finally feel free of anxiety and like I can go anywhere and speak with anyone. Nothing feels overwhelming any more. When the phone rings my initial response it to answer it rather than experience an irrational feeling of dread.”

If you want to get the audio that helped Sandra and thousands of people around the world beat anxiety and eliminate panic attacks from their lives, please visit our online store and download it from there.

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