Why giving up alcohol is the key to weightloss

 The amount of calories in alcohol is widely under spoken about, this blog will explain why giving up alcohol is the key to success for anyone looking to lose some weight. 

It is a true fact that alcohol can make you put weight on. However, there are cases where it might do the opposite. This is a common factor when your drinking habit has got so out of control you’ve completely lost your appetite and you don’t eat anymore.

However, in most cases alcohol can make you put weight on. Many of you might not be aware of this fact, but it’s true. So, if you’re wondering why not only do you find your drinking habit is getting you down, but then you're piling on the pounds too. This will leave you feeling even more down and you might be tempted to drink more.

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Yet, I strongly recommend that you don’t pop open that can of heavy glutenous cider or beer. Put down the corkscrew because wine is just as bad. If you want to see yourself losing weight and feeling healthier, as well as more energised then it’s time to give the bottle a rest.

When you give up drinking, even for just a few weeks, I can guarantee that you will instantly shed a few kilos. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself...

Why Does Alcohol Make You Put Weight on?

There are a number of reasons that alcohol influences weight gain. However, the main reason is because alcohol is a fully concentrated sugar, which has reached such a high concentration through fermentation.


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When we eat sugary products like cake, milk chocolate or fruit juice then we metabolize and absorb 80% of this sugar into our body cells, then our liver absorbs the remaining 20%. However, the metabolism of alcohol is in reverse, meaning that the liver absorbs 80 % glucose (sugar). That is why when we consume alcohol in excess over a long time, it will almost always lead to liver disease.

It will also lead to the following reasons why we put weight on:

1. It stops your body burning fat and stores it instead.

2. It’s high in calories, which means it will store a lot of extra fat.

3. It can make you feel hungry, which means you eat more too and store even more fat.

4. It can lead to poor eating habits and food choices, which will mean that you will keep on storing fat at an uncontrollable rate.

Effectively, alcohol can make you put weight on very quickly, especially weight gain is in your genes. Therefore, if you have been drinking more. Well then, you might have noticed that you’ve gone up a jean size or two with it. You’ve probably been wondering why, especially if you’ve been eating the same. The answer is simple: it's alcohol that’s making you put weight on.

Other Reasons Alcohol Can Make You Appear Bigger

When you drink alcohol in excess, then you will swell up. Alcohol is an inflammatory substance. Sometimes on a heavy night drinking you will see that everything from your eyelids to your arms and legs will appear bigger, they appear more swollen. Usually, after 48 hours this swelling will go down. However, if you drink everyday you will not notice a difference.


Your skin and face will appear bigger, puffier and swollen in size. No matter how many times you empty your bladder and go to the toilet. When you keep topping up your belly and midriff area will always appear swollen. These are your organs telling you they have had enough and over-swollen by the poison in alcohol, which is effectively damaging them.

Make That Change To Control Your Weight Gain

When you decide to give up alcohol it will have more than one advantage on your health. Not only will you have a clear and healthier frame of mind. You can say goodbye to those sad thoughts because you’re eliminating the depressant in your life. This depressant is alcohol. Take control of your mind and your body will follow; you’ll see that it will happily follow.



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You are doing every organ and cell in your body a favor giving it a break from alcohol. Your skin will start to glow again and become clearer. Blemishes and pimples will start to disappear. Where your blood vessels collect and appear more red and patchy in places — this will even out into a nice, healthy glow.

You feel more energized, look more energised and also you’ll lose that awful puffy look about your skin. This happens when the swelling goes down because your organs and cells have detoxed and rehydrated themselves. This alone will leave you looking more healthy and less big. Your skin will become stronger and heal itself quicker, appearing more toned too. Then you will also not be storing excess sugar in body fat.

Don’t forget that even just one glass of wine holds immense calories. Let’s take a look just how many calories:

Small glass of wine — 100 calories

Large glass of wine — 200 calories

Bottle of wine — 600 calories

2 x bottles of wine — 1200 calories!!

Then, 1 x Pint of Beer — 2-250 calories

8 x pints of beer — 2000 calories

Vodka shot — 100 calories

Coca Cola — 150 calories

Vodka and Coca Cola — 250 calories

çBrandy shot — 200 calories

Brandy and Coca Cola — 350 calories

Rum — 100 calories

çTequila — 100 calories

Whiskey — 100 calories

So you can see that by drinking a lot every day, you’re almost completing your daily allowance of calories (2 - 2500 calories a day) by drinking only alcohol. Everything else you eat and drink on top is extra calories that you don’t need.


Maybe, I should say vice versa, it’s the alcohol you don’t need! A Life Without Alcohol Is A Life Better Lived So it’s time to make that clean break from alcohol. I am sure that in just a few weeks you will see a noticeable change. Then in a few months you will have dropped a few sizes, not kilos. You will feel more energized, which will inspire you to eat more healthily. You might even want to take up exercising or a sport, which is a great idea!


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Choose one that you enjoy doing, so that you can really dedicate yourself and excel in it. 

There are so many different options to keep fit these days, so don’t turn it down at the first thought. Take some time to see what it is you want to do and give it a try. Don’t give up at the first try either. Like everything the first few times will be challenging but once you’ve got the technique or get into the rhythm of it, then you’re sure to enjoy it. In fact, you’ll probably find yourself really looking forward to it everyday. It is a fact that we turn to the habit of drinking alcohol because we are bored. That means we need to fill up our time and burn some energy, as well as exercise the mind and body.

The mind is a powerful thing that you’ll find it is always working on overdrive. It will also always need a distraction of some sort, something to focus on. So feed it the right inspiration that allows you to think and live more healthier. A mind that becomes consumed by alcohol is a mind wasted, so make that change. It’s now or never, what are you waiting for! Click her to find out more (insert link to Control Alcohol Essentials pack)