How To Lose Weight Using Hypnotherapy?

Are you feeling at your wit's end whilst trying everything to lose weight?…

It feels like no matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to see a change in your weight or size. 

This can leave you feeling down and hopeless that nothing will work. 

Well, say goodbye to those thoughts of defeat because I have a solution that will finally bring you the results you've been looking for. 

The trouble with dieting and weight loss programs, which most people practice today, is that they don't target the real reason why people eat unhealthily or overeat in general. 

It's easy to stick people on a new diet or eating program by saying, eat this and this, but not this. Then, exercise a little, and before you know it, you're a size 8! 

Apart from setting people up with false hope, most dieting programs will not intercept the real reasons you put weight on. Sometimes, you need to look at the whole picture. 

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Don't forget; everything starts with a thought process. So, what exactly makes you put weight on? Is it how we eat or what we eat? Or is it both? 

Maybe, your body has a slower metabolism. But then again, your metabolism derives from what food you have fed your body and how you have fed it over time.

This is why intense weight loss programs are the worst thing you can do to your body. You will completely mess up your metabolism. This means if you put weight on again, you run the risk of putting more and more on afterwards. 

So, it is essential to do it right when it comes to losing weight. 

You need to find the root of the real issue affecting you. 

As you find, more often than not, your deep-rooted emotions lead us to overeat or eat unhealthy foods. 

Therefore, it is better to lose weight with hypnotherapy because not only will it teach you to eat more healthily, but it will also help you overcome other issues that are causing you to eat this way, such as stress and low-self esteem.  

Suppose you can treat it altogether. I can assure you that you will start to see results within no time. 

What Causes You To Put Weight On?

There are lots of different things that make you put weight on. You can suffer from a behavioural disorder where you can't stop eating, also called Binge Eating Disorder. 

8 Sneaky Reasons You Could Be Gaining Weight, According to a Dietitian |  EatingWell

Otherwise, sugar is another central component to putting weight on. 

Not only is sugar highly addictive, your body instantly craves more and more of it as soon as you taste it. 

We mustn't forget our body already makes its own glucose, so we're, in fact, overfeeding ourselves with sugar. This can affect your health in more ways than one, causing us to put on weight. Other severe health risks from overeating sugar include:

  • Liver failure
  • Kidney Failure
  • Heart failure
  • Diabetes Type-2 
  • Cancer 
  • Circulation problems 
  • Alzheimer's Disease  

To understand how sugar can cause weight gain, it's important to understand how our body digests food. 

As I said, our body already produces glucose. Everything that passes our lips, although it tastes different, gets turned into sugar in the liver - our engine.  

When our body has excess glucose, our liver turns it into glycerol in a process called glycogenolysis. 

Then our pancreas releases insulin that works in harmony with the glycerol to try and lower our blood sugar levels and help absorb the glucose in our cells and muscles. So, food is meant for us to burn off as energy.

When we overeat sugar and carbohydrates (pizza, pasta, crisps, bread, fizzy drinks etc.), and the glycerol is not burnt off, then it gets stored as body fat. Body fat is made of triglycerides, which are three fatty acids to one molecule of glycerol. 

Triglycerides - What do they do?

It is important to remember that your body would not store fat without the one unit of glycerol, which you hold from overeating sugar.

Unfortunately, we can accumulate body fat at a tremendous rate, especially if our eating habits get out of control. 

Therefore, if you need to cut down on any food ingredients, start with sugar. 

How Can The Wrong Dieting Make Things Worse?

Now I know that you are ready and want to make that positive, physical change to your image today! 

However, don't rush into anything. More often than not, people are impatient and want to see results straight away. 

However, you will be putting your health at even more risk if you try and rush into this. And go to the extreme. You certainly don't want to opt for some kind of intense weight loss program. 

People have different metabolic rates. Some people burn energy faster than others due to character, genetics or leading an active lifestyle. 

Those that have a slower metabolic rate risk putting weight on faster. A slow metabolism can also result from trying to lose weight in the wrong way. 

For example, did you ever see the U.S. reality hit TV show 'The Biggest Loser?' Now, this is one of the worst ways you can lose weight. 

You Won't Believe How Much Reality TV Has Changed – Chandler Elizabeth  Claxton

The contestant endures an extreme weight loss program where they follow a low-calorie diet whilst carrying out intense physical exercise. 

Although, you may see incredible results at the end of the show. You run a high risk of over-stressing your body, as well as upsetting your metabolic rate.

What happens after - we are never shown. However, as people have a tendency of slipping into old habits, especially if their eating disorder is not treated properly, then, as records show, most of these contestants went back to putting weight on after. 

Not only that, but their metabolism had been damaged so severely that it worked at a much slower rate. Therefore, they found it harder to lose weight when they gained it again. 

So, be wise if you decide to diet as a method of losing weight. 

Take Control Of Your Eating Habits

Then, what is the right way to lose weight?…

Well, I would say - the most important thing is to control what and how you eat. In other words, your behaviour towards food and why you seek to escape with it. 

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One of the best ways to address and help cure a behavioural disorder is hypnotherapy. It can inspire a new vision towards food. You can completely switch your mind from wanting one food, say an unhealthy one. Instead, you prefer the healthier option. 

I'm not kidding; it's that easy! 

You won't need to invest hundreds of pounds or buy hundreds of books, fret about keeping to a strict diet or exercise program; you don't even have to leave your home if you want. 

Here at Clear Minds, our self-hypnotherapy programs to lose weight are second to none and will have you seeing results like never before. 

We can help you find the root of the problem whilst guiding you on a new healthy diet program. We can also help you:

Then, we can also help you address triggers that may drive you to eat unhealthily too:


Each hypnotherapy session acutely addresses each issue separately. Yet, using multiple sessions in conjunction with another and following a complete program as an Ultimate Weight Loss Pack ensures all-over completely successful results. 

Rest assured that hypnotherapy is a safe method to take when losing weight. 

I, Hugh - your Hypnotherapist, will help induce you into a state of deep relaxation (hypnosis) where you will be mesmerised like you're asleep. Yet instead, you will be completely aware of everything I am saying to you as well. 

Everything around you, all that background sound, will be shut out from existence. You will feel calm and stress-free as I'm hypnotising you. 

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You will also have a chance to reset your mind with the suggestions I present over to you, whilst encouraging you to eat healthier too. 

There's nothing really nothing more effective than ripping out the root that has put you here in the first place. Take a wise decision and choose hypnotherapy as your medium for following a healthier lifestyle with food. Start your journey today with Clear Minds specialised Ultimate Weight Loss Program. 

You will also have 24-hour access to and contact with our team of experts as well as an interactive Community Group where you can share your stories with others. 

You will get all the support you need, so look no further.

This difficult journey just got easier! 

I am Hugh, your Hypnotherapist, and I am here to help you on your journey to leading a happier and healthier way of life. 

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