The Hypnotic Gastric Band Therapy Explained

"Imagine The Impossible Is Possible!" - The Hypnotic Gastric Band Therapy Explained

For those of you who are unfamiliar with traditional Gastric Band surgery, it's a procedure done under general anaesthetic that helps people to lose weight by restricting their stomach size so that they can't eat more than a small amount of food at a time. 

During the surgery a silicone band is placed around the top of the stomach, and is designed to remain in place for the rest of the person's life.

This procedure has grown increasingly popular in the last few decades as a way to lose weight drastically, especially for people who struggle to lose weight through dieting or other means. 

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It has worked for many people, however it is not without potential problems, and it also doesn't address the real issues of why we overeat. Nearly 60% of people who undergo surgical gastric banding need additional surgery later. Either because:

  • The port or the band shifts 
  • Either one erodes into the stomach. 

I know, neither sounds very pleasant!

In addition, surgery can be scary, and this one involves a lengthy recovery period and a strict liquid-only diet for the first six weeks. Some other side effects can occur too. These include:

  • Adverse reaction to the anaesthesia
  • Injury to your stomach or other organs during surgery (inc. hernia)
  • Inflammation of stomach lining/heartburn or stomach ulcers
  • Gastrointestinal scarring leading to bowel blockage
  • Wound Infection
  • You have to follow a strict diet 
  • You can't eat solid food for up to a week 
  • Little guidance is given afterwards
  • Other issues surrounding eating disorders aren't addressed 
  • If strict recommendations aren't followed, other health issues occur
  • Overeating leads to vomiting or oesophagus swelling
  • Or in reverse, poor nutrition because of restricted food intake 


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However, traditional gastric band surgery also has its benefits, and one of those is that it guarantees a 40-60% success rate in losing weight by reducing the amount you eat. Unfortunately it also involves following a strict lifestyle regime that you must maintain if you don't want to risk more health issues and follow-up surgery afterwards. 

This is the trouble, though; how do you really change that lifestyle? 

When you're so used to living a certain way, sometimes, it's not so easy to say - "stop!" 

Other Options

There is a more straightforward solution, which is just as successful but doesn't involve any surgery. 

Imagine, instead, a hypnotherapy program that uses CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to imitate this highly successful method of losing weight. 

It is much safer, healthier and also helps maintain long-lasting results. 

It helps treat other triggers that lead to eating disorders around food. 

It allows you to get to the core of your issues with eating habits and weight gain whilst relaxing you at the same time. 

Don't worry - you will not need to fork out for hospital bills or prepare yourself for surgery. You can do this from the comfort of your sofa at home!

How can Gastric Banding be performed with hypnosis?

Hypnosis can produce the same effect that the Gastric Band or bypass surgery does by using the power of your mind. 

Your mind controls everything. 

Everything from your conscious thought processes to neurotransmitting signals that control the rest of the workings in your body.

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 It has so much potential if only we knew how to control it properly. 

You'd think it would be easy, but unfortunately it's not. More often than not we are guided into doing the wrong things. 

Life gets stressful, and our pain signals release a hormone called cortisol from our adrenal glands. Without us knowing, it controls us, leading us to look for a quick escape. 

We look for anything to take the discomfort away…

Maybe, something sweet and tasty to satisfy the palette - that should do the trick!

Sugar provides fast pain relief by releasing our endorphins (serotonin and dopamine), which balance out the cortisol stress hormone. 

They are our natural adrenalin. 

The only trouble is - sugar is very addictive. 

As soon as you eat it, you want more. 

You've fed your thoughts with happiness, but as soon as these happy hormones go they leave you chemically imbalanced. 

Low moods become more frequent, so you seek more fuel to feed them with. 

This can manifest in more unhealthy habits towards food, such as binge eating. 

For this reason, it is crucial to understand that it is not realistic to walk in and out of surgery and expect things to be solved in one day. 

It would be best if you got to the bottom of why, and how, too. Hypnotic Gastric Band Therapy doesn't just walk you through a cognitive process that imitates the surgery. It prepares you mentally in advance and helps you target and eliminate other food habits, like the triggers that caused you to reach for the sugar or comfort food in the first place.  

By making contact with your subconscious, you can take back control and manage how you perceive stress. You will not seek out food anymore, and this will help reduce the amount you eat in the right way. 

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Other benefits to Hypnotic Gastric Band therapy over surgery:

  • No scary procedure under anaesthesia
  • Very relaxing 
  • No hospital appointments
  • It can be done at home
  • No post-surgery effects
  • No strict fluids-only diet afterwards
  • 95 % success rate
  • It costs a fraction of the price!

So, there you have it - what's stopping you from giving it a try?!

You've got nothing to lose, and you can rest assured you will not have to go through any gruelling surgical procedures. 

Yet, you will still walk away with the same results, if not better.

So, all that's left now is knowing how it works.

How does the Gastric Hypno-band work?

Gastric Hypno-band therapy uses a combination of suggestion, visualisation and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) techniques to make behavioural changes to your eating habits, which helps you lose and maintain a healthy weight. 

This is carried out under a state of deep relaxation (hypnosis) induced by the hypnotherapist on the recording. This is done by guiding you with verbal cues and calming techniques. 

When you reach this hypnotic state at the countdown cue you are in a sleep-like, very relaxed trance - and still very aware of everything I say to you. In fact, you are more in tune than ever with the words I tell that part of your mind we fail to reach a lot of the time. 

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That part of your mind falls for habit and reads the pain signals wrong. It is where all your emotions can reside, including past trauma. It's the part where it's all connected and that causes you to over-feed yourself, despite the consequences. 

And it can all be cured with hypnotherapy. 

So, take a step forward and make that final break away from overeating. 

Take complete control of your eating behaviour and set your mind free. Watch as you begin losing weight and gradually maintain that healthy size you hope to be. It's all in a decision, which is made easy with hypnotherapy. 

And it's never been easier than it is now - with our self-hypnotherapy audio sessions. They are designed to be:

  • Flexible. Use in your own time
  • Accessible. In the comfort of your home. 
  • Easy To Use. On your mobile phone with just one touch

So, make this your moment in the making with Clear Minds hypnotherapy.

Say "goodbye" to the idea of surgery - and say "hello" to your journey with the Hypnotic Gastric Band Program. 

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