Easily Control Alcohol Consumption Hypnotherapy

Easily Control Alcohol Consumption Hypnotherapy

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"I did not know I had a problem until I tried to quit" 

Alcohol has become the norm in society and 9 out of 10 people reading this for the first time will actually feel protective over their decision to drink and their tender relationship and love for alcohol. 

We are here to help. That doesn't mean we are going to tell you to never drink again and that you should ban alcohol from your life, everything has to have balance. What is normally required is a simple correction to your mindset and overall reduction or break from the quantity of alcohol you are drinking. 

The above statement is something we hear often from our clients, most people are here to reduce the amount they drink in order to supercharge their life and enhance their mental wellbeing. 8 out of 10 clients think it will be easy until they try to give up. It is then they realise how dependent on alcohol they really are. 

Do not worry if this sounds like it could be you, we are here to offer a simple, easy to use and effective way to help you change your whole relationship with alcohol in the next 7 days. 


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"I went from drinking every evening to once a week and not only do I feel better but my anxiety is almost non existent "Dawn Rushworth - Hove, UK  

Read More about Dawn's Story Click here 

Our self sypnosis audio hypnotherapy is going to help you stay in control and eliminate your addiction to alcohol from the very first time you listen to it. Over the course of 7 days it is going to implement a "Stop" button that you control.

Stop Button?

That's correct a "Stop Button"! Let me describe what exactly we mean by this. Most people have the intention of drinking "X" amount however they soon find themselves pouring or ordering more and more drinks once they pass a certain level of toxicity. At this point "the drink" has taken over and your irrational desire to drink more kicks in.

"First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink and then the drink takes you"

A "stop button" will be something within your subconscious mind that takes over and leaves you satisfied after 1 or 2 drinks. It is the ability to say " I am content with what I have had and I am going to leave it now". It might sound quite simple but having that control to be able to stop at a classy and sensible point not only saves hangovers it has also been known to save lives. 

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At the point people are heavily binge drinking, decisions are made that would not be made when sober or under the influence of a small amount of alcohol. This 'stop button" has saved people from making bad decisions that could have effected their relationship, job and overall safety of themselves and the people around them. 

Breaking free from the destruction of alcohol addiction is an incredible achievement. It takes inner strength and determination. You deserve everyone’s respect. Yet, whilst it is only right that you should be pleased in having broken free, it is vital that you have the motivation to remain free.

Breaking free can be a different meaning for many people, Some people find themselves drinking all day every day and at this stage it is likely best to look at curbing alcohol fully to gain back control of your life. 

Others often do not think they fall into the category of "Alcoholic" however if they add up their weekly units they will find they over drink every day of the week. 

It is an easy trap to fall into and with our social structure built around alcohol from a young age, nobody seems to be too concerned at the bottles of wine that build up by the recycle bin.

Feel anxious the day after drinking? This is why we get hangxiety

This audio has been designed to help anyone who has identified they have an issue and would like to make positive change in their life. 

Our self hypnosis audio therapy download has been designed by our team of experienced hypnotherapists to help ‘program’ your subconscious mind so that you can begin to think, feel and act like a person fully in control. 

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Know your limits and keep in control at all times
  • Not worry about decisions you made when drunk
  • Meet with friends and remember the evening and what you said
  • Sleep better and say goodbye to hangovers

All you need to do for our hypnotherapy to work is give your self a quiet space where you can avoid distractions for 25 minutes. 90% of our clients have said they only needed to listen to our audio once for it to be effective.

  • You will also get access to our private community group full of likeminded people that help motivate each other on a daily basis.

You do not need any special device to listen to our audio therapies, it works on any mobile phone, tablet or computer without having to download any special apps. (Works on android and Iphone /Ipad)

Once you purchase our hypnotherapy audio, you will have it to listen to and share with friends as much as you like. 

(When you buy any of our hypnotherapy sessions you will receive them instantly, you will also receive them by E-Mail and be able to share them with friends and family)

Look what giving up drinking for one month can do for your appearance 

Look what giving up drink for a month can do to your face: Mother who  enjoyed five glasses of wine a week is transformed after going cold turkey  | Daily Mail Online

(Check out our blog about the physical and mental benefits of reducing your alcohol consumption, Click Here.)

The key to controling alcohol is to build a better relationship with yourself. At times there may still be an urge to drink, but you don’t have to turn to alcohol when life gets hard. You can stay firmly on the wagon by gaining greater control over your thoughts and feelings at a subconscious level. The best way to do this is with self hypnosis and hypnotherapy.

The worst time to drink is when you are trying to use alcohol to overcome a negative situation. If you want to continue drinking then it should be a tool for enjoyment that you are in full control of. 

The next step is to tackle your alcohol addiction at the root of the problem – in your mind. Yes, alcohol addiction is a mental addiction, as well as a physical addiction. By using the power of your subconscious mind you can begin to tackle both the physical and emotional ties that bind you to alcohol.

"I thought I would try this as I want to stop craving foods that I know are bad, Since listening to this, I want goodness, not just for my health but for my own self worth" Jodie Hall, UK  Read more testimonials Click Here

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Why does this keep happening? Well, like most people you almost certainly have much more of a psychological dependence on using alcohol for comfort. Over time, the psychological habits relating to drinking become thoroughly ingrained at a subconscious level.

This is why self hypnosis is the ideal tool to help you stay fully in control of your drinking and build a mental stop button that you know to press when you need to.

Hypnosis opens the door to lasting change by going straight to the source of the problem and to reframe your entire perception of drinking alcohol at a subconscious level. Alcohol is not the medication to treat a stressful situation. 

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The recording includes expertly crafted hypnotic suggestion and advanced hypnotherapy techniques to help you break free from your unhealthy habit and cope with the stresses of life in a calm, relaxed and confident way without the need of alcohol. 

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So by choosing this professionally produced hypnotherapy recording you will be giving yourself every chance of success. From the comfort of your own home, you can start to teach your subconscious exactly how you want to be – forever, finally, and completely in charge of your new and more sober lifestyle!

Be the captain of your own ship and control alcohol for good with self hypnosis!

This hypnotherapy has been created by our team of experienced hypnotherapists and recorded by Hugh Blakemen 

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