Overcoming Fears and Phobias Hypnotherapy
Overcoming Fears and Phobias Hypnotherapy
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Overcoming Fears and Phobias Hypnotherapy

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Live life free of fears and phobias with self hypnosis!

Everyone feels anxious from time to time. For some of us though, certain fears can dominate our thinking and can become a real burden in life. It’s difficult when others don’t understand.

Here are some of the common fears and phobias that this therapy session has helped people overcome:

  • Emetophobia - Being Sick
  • Fear of Needles and Injections 
  • Claustrophobia - Small Spaces 
  • Social phobia  - Social Situations 
  • Fear of Spiders/ Snake's / Rats and other Animals 
  • Fear Of Flying 
  • Necrophobia - Fear of Death 
  • Cancerphobia - fear of developing cancer 
  • If you know your fear, this therapy is for you

    Fear and Loathing in design. How to embrace fear and move on with… | by Kit  Oliynyk | One Design Community | Medium

"Since I was a child I had always had a severe fear and anxiety towards throwing up (Emetophobia) I contacted Hugh after an illness that left me being sick more regularly. I can not believe the difference. I have been sick a couple of times and since using this therapy I do not have the severe sense of doom and dread. I still do not like it, but then I don't think anyone does. But it has worked, I am not scared anymore." Ashlee Graham, Newcastle 

Your phobia may have arisen as the result of a traumatic experience, or slowly crept into your life over time. It is even possible that the root cause of your fear or phobia is unknown.

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  • You will also get access to our private community group full of likeminded people that help motivate each other on a daily basis.


Whatever the reason, phobias can seriously impact the quality of your life. They may prevent you from activities that are common and difficult to avoid. They can even overshadow all of life’s pleasant moments and leave you feeling helpless against them.

We may try to shut out whatever it is by closing our eyes, running away or by hiding. Avoidance though, is the way in which most of us prefer to deal with our fears or phobias. We try just not to face it at all.

These are natural reactions to fear and reliable safety mechanisms used to keep us safe from harm. But sometimes the harm we envisage is only perceived, not necessarily real.

This doesn’t always make our fears and phobias easier to face, or their impacts any less genuine, but these types of phobias can be conquered. With the help of self hypnosis you can change the way you think about things – even what you have feared.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Take back control of your life
  • Leave all your fears safely in the past
  • Feel calm about what used to upset you

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This self hypnosis download has been designed to help you ‘program’ your subconscious mind so that you can break free from any fear or phobia! Recent psychological breakthroughs have enabled us to provide you with a hypnotherapy recording that uses successful up-to-date techniques, and each time you use this recording you will find that you feel more comfortable about what used to leave you so anxious.

This powerful hypnotherapy session can be used for virtually any type of fear or phobia. From the comfort and safety of your own home, you can learn to create a response to any stimulus that is more like other people’s. With regular listening you can learn to be free and enjoy your life more completely.

You can overcome your fears and phobias!

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