Stop Nail Biting Hypnotherapy

Stop Nail Biting Hypnotherapy

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Kick the nail biting habit once and for all!

When was it that you first started nail biting? Can you even remember, or is it just something that you’ve always done? What is it about biting your nails that makes it such a hard habit to break? You’re not even conscious that you’re doing it, then, all of the sudden, you realise and it’s too late – you’ve chewed off too much. It can be embarrassing when you reach out to shake someone’s hand and you instantly reveal your nail biting habit.

Nail Biting GifIt is understandable that you might look at physical treatments to address your nail biting habit, which is after all a physical action. Some people use bitter tasting gels and coatings that they apply to their nails, while some people snap themselves with a rubber band when the urge hits. But nail biting is a subconscious reaction to an emotional trigger, so a psychological approach is what’s really needed.

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Our self hypnosis audio hypnotherapy will help you stop biting your fingers, nails or the skin around them.

Our self hypnosis audio download has been designed by our team of experienced hypnotherapists to help ‘program’ your subconscious mind to relax and not use biting your nails as an impulse to anxiety or comfort.

Imagine what it would be like to:

  • Have finger nails that people do not stare at
  • No longer feel embarrassed about your hands
  • Feel proud of your fingers and hands

You do not need any special device to listen to our audio therapies, it works on any mobile phone, tablet or computer without having to download any special apps. (Works on android and Iphone /Ipad)

All you need to do for our hypnotherapy to work is give your self a quiet space where you can avoid distractions for 15 minutes. 90% of our clients have said they only needed to listen to our audio once for it to be effective.

Once you purchase our hypnotherapy audio, you will have it to listen to and share with friends as much as you like. 

  • You will also get access to our private community group full of likeminded people that help motivate each other on a daily basis.

(When you buy any of our hypnotherapy sessions you will receive them instantly, you will also receive them by E-Mail and be able to share them with friends and family)

Gif of triangle turning into an octagon is calming everyone down | Metro  News

Anxiety is a fact of life; there’s no denying it. What is debatable is to what degree we let anxiety affect the quality of our lives. Believe it or not, we do have control over how deeply we let things get to us. If we seek out relief and ways of minimising our anxiety we can experience fuller and richer lives.

Hypnotherapy is a very effective way of treating habits and disorders, such as nail biting. This is because hypnosis ‘opens the door’ to change by going straight to the source of the problem – your subconscious mind. With the help of hypnotherapy you can update your subconscious mind with new information and encourage a more beneficial reaction to your subconscious triggers.


Hypnosis / hypnotherapy is an excellent relaxation and anxiety relieving tool, even when you have little time to spare.

Within just a few minutes you can melt away and start feeling better immediately. Of course hypnosis can’t make all of life’s issues disappear completely, but it can give you the reprieve you need to make it through the day.

Don’t you deserve to feel more confident in public and not feel ashamed of the appearance of your hands?

Wouldn’t it be nice to release some of that tension you’ve been carrying around? The results are certainly worth a few minutes of your time.

Hypnosis opens the door to lasting change by going straight to the source of the problem and to reframe your entire mind on a subconscious level. Imagine what it would be like to enjoy a clear mind that doesn't let anxiety, stress and worry take over.

Nail Biting: When Does It Go Too Far? – Health Essentials from Cleveland  Clinic

The recording includes expertly crafted hypnotic suggestion and advanced hypnotherapy techniques to help you stop overthinking, relax and melt into a state of relaxation. 

The Case for Recovering From Anxiety: New Study Highlights the  Possibilities - Re:Set

By choosing this professionally produced hypnotherapy recording you will be giving yourself every chance of success. From the comfort of your own home, you can start to teach your subconscious exactly how you want to be – forever, finally, and completely in control your actions and you life!

This hypnotherapy has been created by our team of experienced hypnotherapists and recorded by Hugh Blakeman

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Learn more about hypnosis by clicking here and reading what hypnosis is and how it can help you. 

Once you have purchased you will receive an email within a few minutes with your hypnotherapy. You can listen to your hypnotherapy audio on your phone, tablet or computer. Once you download the hypnotherapy, it's yours to keep for life. 

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