How Hypnotherapy Helps Eliminate Panic Attacks  

Panic attacks can be brought on for a number of reasons. For anyone who suffers from them it is not a pleasant experience. At the time you think there is something really wrong with you, you’re dying even. Your mind is playing tricks on you though, you are actually  panicking. 
It is hard to pinpoint how panic attacks are triggered. The mind works in mysterious ways. It can react badly to different stigma, social interactions and substances, as well. Any of these things can bring the onset of a panic attack. 
Panic attacks are a symptom suffered by people who are diagnosed with anxiety, PTSD, as well as depression amongst other mental health issues.They all trigger feelings and emotions that are so strong sometimes we cannot gain control of them. These become predisposed in moments of panic. However, where all these issues can be helped and often cured with hypnotherapy, so can panic attacks too.
I am going to enlighten you on some facts about how hypnotherapy can help eliminate panic attacks. Hypnosis can also help control panic disorder by reversing some of the dreadful triggers too. 
What Are Panic Attacks?
Panic attacks are directly linked with feelings of severe anxiety. If you were unsure whether or not you suffer from anxiety, then you are about to find out. Panic attacks may seem at first to be an uncontrollable reaction of doubt and fear, which can leave you feeling terrible. 
In some cases people refer to the feeling that they are dying when they are suffering a panic attack. Any little thought will inspire a fear that they are in danger and that their life is at risk. Effectively, the mind goes on overdrive with panic-stricken thoughts that override reality. In other words, that person is not actually in danger, they simply believe themselves to be. Physical symptoms, such as a quickened heart pace or heavy breathing, shaking and an overall look of fear will tell you when someone is having a panic attack. They might speak with urgency, in some cases be so panicked their speech does not make sense. The important thing to do is help calm them down as best possible. Give them reassurance and talk calmly to help relax them. 
In the unfortunate case you suffer a panic attack alone, which happens more often than not then don’t be afraid to call someone that is close to you. You need to confide in the issues you are having with anxiety in order for people to help you. There are helplines too that give you advice on how to cope and manage panic attacks. They will help calm you down, talking you through certain feelings you might be having to reassure you and also give you methods on how to cope and overcome the moment of panic. I suggest you ring these before you decide to ring an ambulance. You might be feeling horrific at the time, but it is a false alarm — you don’t want to take the call from someone in real trouble on the other line. 

What Triggers A Panic Attack?

There are hundreds of different reasons someone suffers from anxiety, or even depression that might bring on panic attacks. They might find themselves in an awkward social situation or they’ve heard someone say something nasty, or thought they did. When someone is suffering from anxiety, then big social gatherings will pose a threat. One of the issues for someone suffering from anxiety is that they are nervous around people and unsure of themselves. Therefore, the bigger the crowd, the more unsure anxious people become. This could influence the onset of a panic attack, which will worsen because you’re conscious of everyone watching. 
Other moments where social situations can put pressure on your nerves, might be when you attend a highly expected event or occasion. For example, a job interview. It’s a big thing walking into a job interview because you are making a life change; you need a job to survive and live well but you will also be judged at the same time. Therefore, it will naturally raise nerves and feelings of tension, which often causes panic. People who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks struggle in life because of this. They find it difficult to function in an ordinary, everyday working and social environment. 
You might also start to panic when you experience a stressful occurrence. This could be anything small like missing the bus to work, the car breaking down, being late for your appointment or missing the key ingredient to tonight’s dinner. Any of these minor reasons could start a panic attack given the wrong thought process. However, when something big happens, which is uncontrollable and traumatic then those feelings of fear are inevitable. Anyone who suffers or witnesses an accident, attack or any catastrophic event is likely to suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). The emotions and feelings, which consequently follow are strong and erratic because you relive the moment through the shock and trauma of the event. People with PTSD are more than likely to suffer from panic attacks. It is a symptom that shows telltale signs that a person has not gotten over their experience, whether they seemed unfazed at the time or not.  
Then there are the substances that bring on panic attacks, most commonly drugs. The stronger the drug, the stronger the panic attacks you could suffer from. Everything from coffee to sugar and alcohol if consumed in high quantities can trigger panic attacks. However, the more stronger Class A, B and C drugs like marijuana and cocaine are almost always going to influence the onset of anxiety and panic attacks if consumed regularly over time. 

What To Do When Suffering A Panic Attack?

Panic attacks might just be a mindset but they also inspire strong feelings of fear, therefore, they are a scary experience for anyone to endure. Maybe, there is no danger imposed but you feel at danger and this is a risk in itself. 
If you find that you are alone, or even with someone, and suffering a panic attack it’s important to stay in control. You might have to ride out a few minutes of panic, which is only described as a nightmare. Those few minutes might seem like hours. However, if you’re looking for quick tips to try and gain control of your thoughts and emotions more easily during a panic attack. 

Take a look at this list of 5 ways to take control of your panic attack immediately:

1. Do not fight it — try and sit and relax your thoughts as best as possible
2. Stay where you are — Don’t try and do anything like knock on the neighbors door or take yourself to hospital. Hold the fort and try to calm down. In some case, if you feel like a breath of fresh air will help, then take a quiet stroll to try and distract your thoughts
3. Breathe slowly and deeply — it has been known to breathe into a paper bag. Not only does this help control the breathing but the sound is a relaxing distraction. Almost like a heartbeat. 
4. Remind yourself that it is just a panic attack, that nothing really is the matter and that it will pass. Once you have suffered panic attacks a few times you know what to expect, so you know it will eventually pass.
5. Focus on positive and relaxing thoughts, stimulus, music, the sound of running water, anything you can think of. Just thinking of something other than those negative thoughts of panic are a good distraction.  



How Hypnotherapy Works To Overcome Panic Attacks

Hypnotherapy is one of the best ways to help eliminate and cure the onset of panic attacks. It works the same for people suffering from anxiety, as well as depression. However, with panic attacks it is especially beneficial. Although panic attacks are a symptom that shows a reaction of fear. Usually, there is very little danger or reason to feel fearful. Instead, the person takes a situation or perception of an everyday occurrence to be fearful. Their emotions and physical reaction of fear are a result of their mindset, which sees that situation negatively and, therefore, breeds negative thoughts about it. Panic attacks are normally always a result of someone overthinking something negative and stressful. This act of overthinking continues with the panic attack when the person sees the body starting to react to this panic. 
Instead, you need to understand that this is just a natural reaction and there is nothing to worry about. In actual fact, it means the body is working perfectly. That person might still believe something is seriously wrong with them, even like they are dying! The process of overthinking through panic means the mind has been completely overtaken with fear and panic. When these signs start to show then it is time to make a change. 
Hypnotherapy works as a therapy for the mind. When the mind is suffering from anxiety or the possible onset of panic then it is the perfect way to relax the mind. A hypnotist specifically works at calming the mind and through hypnosis helps control thought processes, as well as get you to focus better. What will seem a confusing mess of thoughts that often become overridden by negativity can be cured with hypnotherapy. 
Hypnosis is a way of reorganizing your thoughts in the right way. However, it also acts as a way of revising and visualizing life differently, especially moments that can be stressful or make you feel nervous. It helps you see moments that you would normally associate fearfully, instead in a positive way. For some of you that might seem too good to be true. However, I can reassure you. The mind is less complicated than you think. With every problem there is a solution. You just need to source the right help. When you turn to recreational drugs or alcohol, even sugary snacks as a way of compensating for anxiousness and intimidation then you are going to feed fuel for negative thought in your next panic attack. 
Take a step back and find your solution in hypnotherapy. Our session to help Overcome Panic Attacks works at all the different aspects that trigger and manifest into panic disorder. When you listen to the audio every night before bed you will start to notice those feelings of tension go away. You will wonder what you feared all that time and your panic attacks will be something in the past. Click here to find out more. 

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